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We’ve got the complete list of the most popular trucks or SUVs from all 50 states. Well, every state except two. That would be California and Florida with a car as its top-selling vehicle. But with the Ford F-150 being the most popular vehicle in the US, it goes without saying that many states pick the F-150 as its most popular. In fact, 60 percent of the states have it as their most popular vehicle. 

But plenty of states don’t follow that assumption. Also, quite a few states have seen the Ford F-150 dropped for the Subaru Outback. Who knew the Outback would supplant the venerable F-150? Anyway, take a look at your state’s most popular vehicle:

The Most Popular Truck/SUV list

Lineup of F-150 trucks
Lineup of Ford F-150 pickups | Getty

  State                   Truck/SUV              2nd Place                     Third Place

AlabamaFord F-SeriesChevrolet SilveradoToyota Camry
AlaskaSubaru OutbackFord F-SeriesChevrolet Silverado
ArizonaToyota TacomaFord F-SeriesChevrolet Silverado
ArkansasGMC Sierra 1500Ford F-SeriesChevrolet Silverado
CaliforniaHonda CivicToyota RAV4Toyota Camry
ColoradoSubaru ForesterRam 1500-3500Toyota RAV4
ConnecticutToyota RAV4Honda CR-VSubaru Forester
D.C.Toyota RAV4Honda CR-VSubaru Forester
Delaware. Ford ExplorerChevrolet SilveradoRAM 1500-3500
FloridaToyota Corolla Ford F-SeriesToyota RAV4
GeorgiaChevrolet SilveradoFord F-150RAM 1500-3500
Red Ford F-150 truck
Ford F-150 lineup | Getty
HawaiiToyota TacomaToyota 4RunnerToyota RAV4
IdahoFord F-SeriesRAM 1500-3500Chevrolet Silverado
IllinoisFord F-SeriesHonda CR-VChevrolet Silverado
IndianaChevrolet SilveradoFord F-SeriesChevrolet Equinox
IowaFord F-150Chevrolet SilveradoRAM 1500-3500
KansasChevrolet SilveradoFord F-150RAM 1500-3500
KentuckyFord F-150Chevrolet SilveradoRAM 1500-3500
LouisianaFord F-SeriesChevrolet SilveradoRAM 1500-3500
Maine Subaru OutbackChevrolet SilveradoRAM 1500-3500
MarylandToyota RAV4Ford F-SeriesHonda CR-V
MassachusettsHonda CR-VToyota RAV4Ford F-Series
Red 2022 Ram 1500 Laramie
2022 Ram 1500 Laramie G/T | Stellantis
MichiganFord F-SeriesChevrolet EquinoxRAM 1500-3500
Minnesota Chevrolet SilveradoFord F-SeriesRAM 1500-3500
MississippiChevrolet SilveradoFord F-150RAM 1500-3500
MissouriFord F-SeriesChevrolet SilveradoRAM 1500-3500
MontanaFord F-SeriesRAM 1500-3500Chevrolet Silverado
NebraskaFord F-SeriesChevrolet SilveradoRAM 1500-3500
NevadaToyota RAV4Ford F-SeriesChevrolet Silverado
New HampshireSubaru OutbackChevrolet SilveradoToyota RAV4
New JerseyHonda CR-VHonda CivicToyota RAV4
New MexicoFord F-SeriesRAM 1500-3500Chevrolet Silverado
New YorkHonda CR-VToyota RAV4Jeep Cherokee
Blue 2022 Chevrolet Silverado ZR2
2022 Chevrolet Silverado ZR2 | Chevrolet
North Carolina Toyota RAV4 Chevrolet SilveradoRAM 1500-3500
North Dakota Chevrolet SilveradoFord F-150RAM 1500-3500
OhioHonda CivicRAM 1500-3500Chevrolet Silverado
OklahomaFord F-SeriesRAM 1500-3500Chevrolet Silverado
OregonToyota RAV4Ford F-SeriesRAM 1500-3500
PennsylvaniaHonda CR-VRAM 1500-3500Ford F-150
Puerto RicoToyota RAV4Toyota YarisToyota Corolla
Rhode IslandHonda CR-VToyota RAV4Ford F-Series
South CarolinaFord F-SeriesChevrolet SilveradoRAM 1500-3500
South DakotaFord F-SeriesRAM 1500-3500Chevrolet Silverado
TennesseChevrolet SilveradoFord F-150RAM 1500-3500
White 2022 Toyota RAV4 XLE
2022 Toyota RAV4 XLE Premium compact SUV | Toyota
Texas. Ford F-Series Chevrolet SilveradoRAM 1500-3500
UtahFord F-SeriesRAM 1500-3500Chevrolet Silverado
VermontSubaru OutbackToyota RAV4RAM 1500-3500
VirginiaToyota RAV4Ford F-150Honda CR-V
WashingtonSubaru OutbackFord F-SeriesRam 1500-3500
West VirginiaFord F-SeriesChevrolet SilveradoRam 1500-3500
WisconsinChevrolet SilveradoFord F-150Ram 1500-3500
WyomingFord F-150Ram 1500Chevrolet Silverado

Updated 6/5/2023


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