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The sales numbers are in and we now know the most popular pickup trucks of 2022. (Drumroll please…). Last year, pickup lovers drove away in 653,957 Ford F-Series trucks. Even with a 10% dip in F-Series sales, it trounced its nearest competitor which was the Silverado. But General Motors fans argue that when you combine Sierra and Silverado sales, some interesting things happen to the rankings. The mid-size market, on the other hand, was yet again dominated by the Toyota Tacoma (237,323 in total), which out-sold most cars and SUVs.

With well over a million full-size pickup trucks sold in 2022, it is easily the most popular market segment in the U.S. Ford sold over 653,957 F-Series pickup trucks. This includes both F-150s and Ford Super Duty trucks.

A row of the most popular u.s. truck, the ford F-series pickups, parked at a Fleet sales dealership, a road with streetlights visible in the background.
Ford F-Series truck dealership | David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images

When Car and Drive sorts vehicle sales data, it differentiates between midsize pickups and full-size trucks. But it lumps together light-duty (half-ton) trucks, and heavy-duty (three-quarter and one-ton) trucks. This is why Ford’s sales numbers reflect all ratings of its full-size truck. The F-Series high fleet truck sales are one of the keys to its holding the number one spot.

With Ram’s 2019 redesign, it scratched out a win over both the GMC Sierra and Chevrolet Silverado. But for 2022, Chevy released a new Silverado generation and it took a win over the Ram. Chevy moved 513,354 Silverados (both light and heavy-duty). Meanwhile, Stellantis claimed 468,344 new Ram truck drivers.

To give you some idea of just how popular full-size trucks are in the U.S., the U.S. Toyota Camry sales lagged behind all three of these trucks. The GMC Sierra came in just after the Camry with 241,522 units sold.

General Motors’ “Professional Grade” pickup truck does offer some features that don’t come standard on the Silverado but rides on an identical chassis. So General Motors moved 754,876 full-size pickup trucks in 2022. That’s 100,919 more than Ford.

The Toyota Tacoma has been the most popular mid-size truck in the United States, year in and year out. In 2022, it didn’t disappoint. 237,323 U.S. drivers chose the Toyota Tacoma in 2022. That represents a six percent dip since 2021.

A salesperson shows customers a popular midsize Toyota Tacoma pickup truck, all four of its doors open in a dealership parking lot.
Toyota Tacoma pickup truck | George Frey/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Is the Tacoma slipping? Probably not. Even with very competitive offerings from Ford and General Motors–trucks that reviewers have called more modern in every way–the Tacoma held on to its lead. Heck, 2022 was pretty much the year of the compact truck resurrection, with the Maverick launching and the Hyundai Santa Cruz and Honda Ridgeline going strong. Even these challengers barely fazed the Tacoma.

What’s interesting about the Tacoma’s sales lead is that Toyota hasn’t given it a full visual redesign since 2016. What’s more, the current generation is dimensionally and mechanically very similar to the generation that launched in 2007. What Toyota has going on with the Tacoma works. In addition, what some might consider “dated” drivetrain technology is tried, true, and reliable.

How popular are pickup trucks in the United States?

United States drivers bought well over a million trucks in 2022 alone. It is the most popular market segment by a mile. This is partly because of how many work trucks fleets buy. But in addition, Americans just love their trucks.

A row of various pickup trucks parked at a dealership, an American flag visible in the background.
Pickup trucks for sale | Brandon Bell/Getty Images

The midsize pickup truck is rarely sold as a fleet truck. So you could consider the Toyota Tacoma a good barometer of how much enthusiasm the average driver has for pickups. In 2022 Toyota sold more Tacomas in the U.S. than either Corollas or Highlanders. The Toyota Tacoma also beat out both the Jeep Wrangler and Grand Cherokee. The Tacoma outsold both the Honda Civic and the Accord. The Tacoma even outsold every Subaru model. Americans sure love their trucks!

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