The Most Fuel-Efficient 2017 SUVs and Trucks

When it comes to fuel-efficient 2017 SUVs, compact and subcompact options like the Mazda CX-3 SUV led the way. While this one is gasoline-powered, the hybrid and plug-in hybrid SUV options were readily available. Midsize pickup trucks offered as much as 25 mpg combined in the case of the Chevrolet Colorado.

The most fuel-efficient 2017 SUVs powered by gasoliene

The most fuel-efficient 2017 SUVs and trucks
The 2017 Mazda CX-3 SUV on display at a show | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

Compact and subcompact SUVs definitely win this round. The 2017 Mazda CX-3 is the most fuel-efficient SUV that found. The CX-3 managed to get 29/34/31 mpg with a relatively low cost of $20,746. Next up is the 2017 Subaru Impreza five-door model with 28/37/31 mpg and a starting price of $20,000. That’s not bad for second place!

Honda has two small options in the fuel-efficient 2017 SUVs category. The Honda HR-V (28/34/31 mpg) and the Honda CR-V (28/34/30 mpg) made the list. The 2017 HR-V is slightly lower in price at $21,745, while the CR-V came in at around $26,613. Finally, the 2017 Buick Encore managed a respectable 27/33/30 mpg for the low price of $19,999.

More 2017 SUVs with hybrid and plug-in hybrid powertrain options

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There are plenty of hybrid options on the market from 2017. The Kia Niro comes in with 52/49/50 mpg, the highest of the other SUV options. Priced at $20,790, it is also the cheapest on the list. Next up is the discontinued Toyota Prius v ($22,890) with 43/39/41 mpg. The Nissan Rogue Hybrid with 33/35/34, the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid (34/30/32 mpg), and the Lexus NX 300h (33/30/31 mpg). The Nissan Rogue is priced at $24,499, and the RAV4 is around $28,000. The Lexus will run a bit more as it is a luxury brand, so has it priced at $36,990.

If you aren’t interested in a full hybrid SUV, the next best thing might be a plug-in hybrid vehicle. The BMW X5 eDrive xDrive40e racks up 56 mpg-e and 24 combined mpg from the electric motor and gas engine. estimated the federal tax credit for this one is around $4,668, while the price of the vehicle itself is $38,405. The Volvo XC90 Hybrid has 54 mpg-e and 25 combined mpg. The estimated federal tax credit on these 2017 SUVs is $4,585, while the XC90 is priced around $43,995.

If you are looking for a luxury option, the Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid gets 46 mpg-e and 22 combined mpg. For the price of $52,990 and the potential federal tax credit of $5,336, the Porsche is still under $50,000. Finally, the Mercedes-Benz GLE 550e gets 43 mpg-e and 21 combined mpg. The price of the GLE 550e starts at around $42,333 but has a potential credit of $4,460.

Don’t forget the fuel-efficient pickup truck options

Pickup trucks have come a long way as far as fuel efficiency goes, and midsize trucks lead this section. The 2017 Chevrolet Colorado and GMC Canyon trucks get a good 22/30/25 mpg at $30,526. These two trucks are virtually the same, so having the same fuel economy makes sense.

The well-loved Ram 1500 truck has a fuel economy of 20/27/23, and the 2017 Ford F-150 comes in right behind that with 19/26/22 mpg. The Ram is a bit more affordable at $32,125, while the Ford is priced around $36,593. The last truck on the list is the 2017 Honda Ridgeline with 19/26/22 mpg and a price of $30,900.

No matter what 2017 SUVs and trucks you end up finding on your search, there are plenty of fuel-efficient choices out there. If you are trying to move away from gas, a hybrid or plug-in hybrid SUV or truck might be a good alternative.

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