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While the used car market is extremely hot right now, there are still some deals to be found. Including if you are shopping for a three-row SUV. The Mitsubishi Outlander has been in production since 2001, and has been on sale in North America since 2003. And, in 2022, the Outlander offers modern features like a plug-in hybrid option, but, that does not mean purchasing a used model isn’t worth it.

Why buy a used Mitsubishi Outlander?

The Mitsubishi Outlander is a three-row SUV that is a bargain on the used market.
Mitsubishi Outlander | IFCAR

There are a number of reasons to consider a pre-owned Mitsubishi Outlander, these vehicles offer three rows of seating and can also benefit from affordable pricing. In some cases, the Outlander can be found for under $15,000. 

The Mitsubishi Outlander may struggle in the new market. But in the used segment, it is a serious bargain. In the past, new Outlanders even sold for under $10,000 according to MotorTrend. This meant finding a three-row SUV did not have to break the bank. 

The Outlander is currently in its third generation and has been since 2012. But it is worth noting that the third generation did not enter the American market until 2014. Models in this generation feature either front or all-wheel drive. And, Mitsubishi began offering a range of different safety features. 

What to look for when buying a used Mitsubishi Outlander?

While the Mitsubishi Outlander is a capable daily driver, there are some things to look out for when buying used. Most if not all Mitsubishi models feature some kind of warranty. In the case of the Outlander, that is a 10-year powertrain warranty. So, be sure to check if your potential purchase is covered by that. 

Over the years, the Outlander has also been subject to several recalls. Confirm that these important fixes have been done, or plan on visiting a dealership to have them performed. In 2016, Mitsubishi gave its three-row SUV an update, which means models newer than that will have a more modern feel to them.

Exterior style changes were made and the interior was improved. Because of this, looking for a model that is 2016 or newer may come with added benefits over purchasing something that is older.

Is the Mitsubishi Outlander a good value?

A used Mitsubishi Outlander has three-rows and is relatively affordable in today's market.
Mitsubishi Outlander | Mitsubishi

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In terms of value proposition, the Mitsubishi Outlander does represent a good value. Depending on year, mileage, and condition, a used Outlander can be found for under $15,000. While other SUVs may command a premium, the Outlander still delivers on affordability. Even in the current market. 

This three-row SUV is ready to handle a variety of roles. And that is thanks to its configurable interior as well as the addition of AWD. Most SUV buyers prefer the capabilities of AWD, and that can be found for less with the Outlander. 

For those shopping for a used hybrid SUV, there is the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV. This option has been around since 2018, and does have added efficiency. But, with a more complicated powertrain, be sure to check service records to ensure that everything is up-to-date.