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When Toyota decided to discontinue the Land Cruiser for the U.S. market, it came as a bit of a surprise. Although this full-size SUV hasn’t been a top seller for the brand, it was popular with those who wanted a luxury vehicle that did not scream “luxury.” And the Land Cruiser is something that came with Toyota’s reliability and ruggedness. 

Why is the Land Cruiser discontinued in the USA?

Ultimately poor sales numbers led to the demise of the Land Cruiser SUV in the United States. When Toyota announced the 300-Series model, the brand also made the decision to no longer offer it here in the States. And for Toyota enthusiasts, that news came as a major disappointment. 

It is not that the Land Cruiser is a bad SUV. In fact, one of the problems might have been that it’s just too good. Because owners hold onto their models for such long periods of time, Toyota dealerships struggled to move inventory. 

According to autoblog, rumors have been circulating that the Toyota Land Cruiser could return to U.S. shores. 

Will Toyota sell a 300-Series Land Cruiser in the United States?

At the Lexus LX600 media event back in January, some were understandably curious about the future of the Land Cruiser in the States. In the past, Toyota has been fairly vague about what the plan is. A spokesperson states that “we are listening strongly to customer feedback,” so maybe if the demand is there, Toyota will bring back its rugged SUV. 

The 300-Series Toyota Land Cruiser is an SUV not sold in the United States.
300-Series Land Cruiser | Toyota

For now, the new LX600 is the closest thing to the Land Cruiser that is available in the States. And to say the least, it does lack the subtle styling of the Toyota variant. Plus, it certainly comes at a higher price point thanks to the luxury that the Lexus brand provides. 

One would have to assume that Toyota is looking closely at the competition and at its own lineup to see if there is room for a new Land Cruiser in the U.S. market. The 4Runner is certainly doing fairly well, as are other rugged SUVs like the Ford Bronco and Jeep Wrangler. 

If past sales figures are any indication, maybe there just isn’t enough interest in a simple, seemingly indestructible full-size SUV from Americans. Folks in this part of the market want convenience and refinement, not necessarily a vehicle built for some of the harshest conditions on the planet. 

Maybe the Toyota Land Cruiser is too expensive

The last Toyota Land Cruiser sold in the United States had a starting price of over $85,000. In comparison, models like the Kia Telluride and Ford Explorer have much easier MSRPs to swallow. When you’re paying almost $100k for a vehicle, more aggressive styling and luxury might be expected. And that is not something that the Land Cruiser is known for. 

Front view of a 2020 Toyota Land Cruiser
2020 Toyota Land Cruiser | Toyota

Only Toyota knows what its plans are for the future of the Land Cruiser. On the global market, it is fairly popular and has a reputation for longevity. Perhaps an electrified Land Cruiser will make a return down the line, time will tell.