Michael Dietrich Shares How Living in a Camper Van Is the Perfect Base for Extreme Outdoor Recreation

I recently had the privilege of speaking with Naked Afraid winner and fitness expert Michael Dietrich about living in his camper van. A 2020 Dodge ProMaster camper is the perfect base camp for all of the extreme outdoor activities that Dietrich loves to embark on. It’s not just fitness, it’s a way of life. And living in a van full time is perfect for constant access to the best places to climb, hike, bike, swim, ski, or any other of the recreations he loves to get outside and do on a daily basis.

gorgeous night time photo of the camper van in the snow with a dusted mountain peak in the background
Exterior Photo of the Camper Van | Michael Dietrich

Living near Banff in Alberta Canada, I’m sure you can imagine Dietrich loves to be outside. If you check out his Instagram, you’ll quickly see that outdoor recreation is a huge part of his life. With a serious love for testing his physical fitness, this mountain man chooses the most extreme adventures. Living in his 2020 Dodge ProMaster camper van is the perfect jump-off point for all that activity.

He chooses his adventures according to whether or not he can bring his dog BearBear

When you want to live in a van full time, what better way to do it than with your trusty four-legged companion? Dietrich didn’t just think of BearBear as he built his 2020 Dodge ProMaster camper. He also considers him in all of their choices. From where to park the RV to which trail to hike, bike, or ski, BearBear is a big part of the decision making process.

Bear Bear and Dietrich enjoying a moment outdoors with the dodge promaster behind them near a beautiful lake
Dietrich and Bear Bear | Michael Dietrich

Living in a camper van isn’t just great for Dietrich. In our interview, he shared stories of how BearBear loves life on the road. Whether he’s up in front during a drive to the next base camp or sleeping in his spot under the bed, BearBear is the ultimate happy camper.

The 2020 Dodge ProMaster camper van build

Dietrich told us that he chose the 2020 Dodge ProMaster over other options like the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter and Ford Transit. He preferred the ProMaster both for its price as well as its shape. It’s nice and big and square, which accommodated his build perfectly.

Bear Bear in his seat, ready for the next adventure
Exterior Photo of his Dodge ProMaster Camper Van | Michael Dietrich

He didn’t lift it or add 4×4 capability. Dietrich says he doesn’t need that. He likes to drive to the base of the mountain, or the trailhead, or the parking area for backcountry camping then head out into the wild. While some folks want to drive to remote places to see them, this fitness enthusiast lives every day to test the limits of his physical body.

The 2020 Dodge ProMaster is perfect for sleeping and downtime. It’s fully off-grid. Dietrich says that his favorite foods to cook are massive stir fries. When you live such an incredible active lifestyle, living in a camper van has to facilitate cooking for the proper healthy calorie intake.

What’s it like living in a camper van?

Dietrich says that every day is a new adventure. Whether hiking up a mountain for a ski tour or meeting friends in their driveway for dinner and a quick shower, he says the lifestyle is even better than he expected. He left a house, a relationship, and static to find home on the open road.

an adorable picture of Dietrich and his bestie BearBear in the 2020 dodge promaster camper van build
Dietrich and BearBear | Michael Dietrich

Michael Dietrich and BearBear are at home wherever they go. They love cycling and hiking, but in the winter Dietrich heads out on breathtaking ski tours. BearBear, of course, goes everywhere with his two-legged buddy. Living in a camper van is perfect––at least for BearBear and his dad.

You can see more of Mike and BearBear on his YouTube channel. He has more videos like the one below. For cool clips of Mountain Mike and BearBear check out his channel.


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