Nissan NV vs. Dodge ProMaster

The Ram ProMaster and the Nissan NV are both mainstream options for large cargo vans. Though many seem to prefer other vans like the Ford Transit and the Mercedes Sprinter, there are a few other options out there. Both the Nissan and Ram offerings to the segment have strengths and weaknesses.

the rear interior cargo of a Ram ProMaster being used on a job
Ram ProMaster Interior | Ram Trucks

There are compelling reasons why someone would prefer either the Nissan NV or the Ram ProMaster. In fact, if you are shopping for a new cargo van you may find yourself wanting to compare these two options side by side. Which of these vans is better?

a gray Nissan NV in the city
Nissan NV Cargo | Nissan Media/CarBuzz

Each comes in many different configurations from 1500 to 3500 with several different roof height options. Additionally, each vehicle has different engine options. For this comparison, we will use the base model cargo van. That means, according to CarGurus and CarBuzz, that we are comparing the Nissan NV 1500 S Cargo and the Ram ProMaster 1500 118″ Low Roof Cargo van.


The Nissan NV Cargo 1500 S is definitely the cheaper of the two work vans. If you want to spend a bit less on your next work van, go with the NV 1500 S instead of the 118″ Ram ProMaster 1500 Low Roof Cargo. The ProMaster 1500 base model cargo van costs $31,245, according to CarBuzz. The Nissan NV 1500 base model cargo van starts at $29,890.

a white ProMaster driving in the city
2019 Ram ProMaster | Ram Trucks

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Towing and payload capacity

In the 1500 base model configuration, the Nissan NV does not boast the robust towing capacity that it does when equipped with the V8 and a tow package. All of the ProMasters are standard with a basic tow package, according to CarBuzz. The side by side comparison posted by CarGurus states that the base model 1500 Ram ProMaster tows up to 5,100 pounds. The Nissan NV in the base model V6 1500 configuration tows only 2,000 pounds.

2020 NV passenger van on a dirt road
The 2020 Nissan NV | Nissan Media

In terms of cargo, the comparison rates the Nissan NV Cargo 1500 S capable of holding up to 234.1 cubic feet in terms of cargo volume. It can handle a maximum payload of up to 2,730 pounds. The Ram ProMaster 1500 118″ Low Roof Cargo can hold a cargo volume of 259 cubic feet. In terms of payload capacity, the ProMaster 1500 can handle 4,000 pounds. The Ram van is the clear base model champion in terms of towing, payload, and cargo volume.

Fuel economy

Both of these base model cargo vans have a V6 engine under the hood. The Nissan NV Cargo 1500 S is rear-wheel drive, while the ProMaster 1500 Low Roof Cargo is front-wheel drive––according to the CarGurus comparison. CarBuzz reports that the Nissan NV’s V6 engine gets about 13-14 miles per gallon. The Ram ProMaster gets about 16.5, according to CarBuzz.

the bulbous face of a white parked ProMaster
Ram ProMaster | Ram Trucks

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Which is the better van?

Between the two vans, it will depend a lot on your specific needs. It’s also important to note that this is only a comparison of the base model cargo van for the Ram ProMaster and the Nissan NV. There are many other configurations that are worth checking out if you are thinking about buying one of these vans.

white high roof Nissan Cargo van
Nissan NV | Nissan Media

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Between the two base models, however, we have to call it like we see it. The Ram ProMaster is undeniably more capable than the Nissan NV. If you want more bang for your buck, the Ram ProMaster 1500 118″ Low Roof Cargo is a much stronger choice, even though it is a little more expensive than the Nissan NV 1500 S base model cargo van.