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We love yellow vehicles. Even though Taxis and school busses come this way we feel that yellow is an unsung hero for vehicle color. But the Mansory Gronos Mercedes G-Wagen makes us wish that silence was yellow instead of golden. 

The Mansory Gronos G 63 G-Wagen is neither subtle nor slow

2021 Mansory Gronos Mercedes G-Wagen yellow interior
2021 Mansory Gronos Mercedes G-Wagen | Mansory

Unless you’re into circus wagons you might want to pass on this latest model from the folks at Mansory. The German custom tuner is never shy about loading up its limited-edition models with eye-searing paint, parts, and pageantry. But looking at the Gronos G 63 you already knew that. 

The good news is that Mansory will only make 10 of these things. But the downside is that Mansory won’t tone any of its modifications down. We could live with the yellow if it wasn’t blaring on the exterior and inside, too. 

What do you get with a Mansory G-Wagen?

2021 Mansory Gronos Mercedes G-Wagen rear 3/4 view
2021 Mansory Gronos Mercedes G-Wagen | Mansory

Mansory’s body kit includes a completely redesigned front fascia tying into the exclusive bumper. The grille, wheel opening arches, and elaborate carbon-fiber hood are all Mansory-made pieces. Then Mansory mixes it up with off-road components to give the look some teeth.

So the snowflake wheels are augmented with the roof-mounted driving lights, reworked rear end with a Mansory-designed bumper, wing, and carbon fiber spare wheel cover. The yellow loudness continues to the inside. 

The Gronos G-Wagen celebrates yellow inside and out

2021 Mansory Gronos Mercedes G-Wagen rear detail
2021 Mansory Gronos Mercedes G-Wagen | Mansory

Once there you’re met with more yellow. Much more. And also some chocolate brown leather seat inserts, plus more yellow. Did we mention there is lots of yellow inside? And there are yellow flakes or drops found on the steering wheel, center console, and door inserts. 

Thankfully, the Mansory G-Wagen isn’t all show and no-go

2021 Mansory Gronos Mercedes G-Wagen yellow splash console
2021 Mansory Gronos Mercedes G-Wagen | Mansory

Thankfully, there is more to this limited run of 10 G-wagens than cosmetics. The 4.0 liter twin-turbocharged V8 now cranked up to 850 hp and 738 lb-ft of torque. Zero to 60 times are estimated to be 3.5 seconds. 

The top speed is listed as 155 mph, which is held by a limiter to that number. We wonder what the top speed would be without the speed blocker? Regardless, this G-Wagen hauls and should perform well whether off-roading or cruising down Electric Avenue.


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