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Like a few other billionaire celebrities, Bernard Arnault, the current head of Louis Vuitton, owns an extravagant superyacht dubbed the Symphony. The boat is valued at about $150 million and was built by some big names in the yacht business, including Tim Heywood, Francois Zuretti, and lastly, Peter Marino. Tim Heywood worked on the exterior while the other two designed the interior.

Also notable is the yacht won the 2016 Superyacht Award for best displacement motor yacht. This was in the “2,999GT and Above” category, which contained the largest vessels entered into the World Superyacht Awards for the year. A closer look at the design details and amenities in the yacht provides some insight into why this award was well-warranted.

Amenities included in the yacht

Bernard Arnault, owner of the Luis Vuitton's Megayacht.
Bernard Arnault | Getty Images

The yacht’s design and amenities seem to stay true to the theme of opulence and luxury that the Louis Vuitton brand is known for. According to Auto Evolution, the boat comes fitted with state-of-the-art facilities. One example is the contraflow swimming pool, which includes design elements like a waterfall and glass bottom.

The glass bottom previews the lounge area beneath the pool, which acts as a movie theater with an ultra-high-definition screen. That said, this isn’t the only cinema on the vessel, with a secondary option being available on the bridge deck. Also included are a beauty parlor, spa, and gym.

Next is the sun deck, which comes with a bar, jacuzzi, and observation lounge. Other exciting amenities include a mini-golf course and an area that can be converted to a nightclub after dusk.

Inside the megayacht, there are a few interesting design details, such as a glass corridor providing a peek into the vessel’s engine room. Also, there are 300 different finishes with exquisite attention to detail, as shown by the 49 feet tall interactive video wall that doubles as part of the elevator shaft.

As for the owner’s suite, it’s similar to the best rooms in five-star hotels. It comes with a private study, sauna, two bathrooms, dressing rooms, and even a jacuzzi on the terrace.

Nevertheless, there are still some unknowns about the superyacht’s interior as only the owner, his private entourage, and the people who designed it have gone in.

The superyacht’s specifications and exterior

The vessel is 333 ft long, and at the time it was launched, it was the largest superyacht built by the Feadship brand. Additionally, the luxury yacht consists of a dark blue hull, a white superstructure, and six decks.

Also, its engines are sourced from Motoren- und Turbinen-Union (MTU), a company that, according to the McNally Institute, has provided megayacht engines since the 1970s. The company also has ties to Maybach that date back to the second world war.

By car standards, these engines propel the boat at 16 knots or 18.4 mph. Also, it can go for up to 6,300 miles or 5,500 nautical miles.

Other megayacht owners


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Other megayacht owners include Steven Spielberg, Paul Allen, Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and Giorgio Armani, another fashion guru. Steven Spielberg’s $160 million yacht, the Seven Seas, may be smaller than the Symphony at about 282 ft, but it’s just as luxurious. According to Charter World, it even comes with an infinity pool as part of the aft deck.

The Octopus, a 414 ft megayacht, is owned by Paul Allen, one of Microsoft’s co-founders. It features two helipads, a basketball court, a swimming pool, and even a submarine. This might also be why it’s taken part in several rescue operations and exploration projects.

Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum’s yacht, the Dubai, is more than 530 ft long and is fitted with more than a few luxury amenities, including a swimming pool, cinema, helipad, and gym. Al Maktoum has been Dubai’s absolute ruler from 2006 to date.

As for Giorgio Armani’s superyacht, the Main, it’s approximately 213 ft long. Since the boat is smaller, it doesn’t have as many amenities as the others mentioned. That said, it’s still impressive and can host approximately 14 guests.

Lastly, the New York Post asserts that even former Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is expected to launch a $500 million superyacht in 2022.