Leave the Grid and Soak up the Sun With This Pickup Truck Accessory

Having the freedom to go off the grid means planning and preparation. Even if you are only heading off the beaten path for a few days, it’s really nice to have equipment that makes it easy to self sustain in a variety of situations. One modern luxury that is extremely helpful to bring with us into the backcountry is electricity. Tonneau manufacturer, Worksport, is moving toward the production of a pickup truck accessory that could prove to be a game changer.

The concept is called TerraVis. Maybe you need electricity for work, play, or in the case of an emergency. An entire truck bed covered in solar panels could really come in handy. Add in the fact that there wil be large batteries in which you can store the power you collect from parking in full sun, and this pickup truck starts appealing on a number of levels.

Worksport has made cost effective tonneau covers for a while now. However, delving into the off-grid solar technology market will be a first for the tonneau cover manufacturer.

Electric pickup truck

According to Off Grid Energy Independence, the upcoming Worksport accessory may be making some big deals. Prominent producers of coming electric pickup trucks may go into business with Worksport. The solar panel tonneau cover may possibly integrate with the lithium batteries that power certain electric pickup trucks. That way, the battery pulls a charge as long as the solar powers are soaking up some sun.

“Endless possibilities range from supporting a workstation at home, or on the job, to powering a campsite, or even providing immediate power in the face of a crisis or natural disaster, the TerraVis energy store and mobile charging pack is designed to be invaluable in any circumstance that demands mobile power.”

Off Grid Energy Independence | on the TerraVis by Worksport

How many kilowatts of power will the tonneau cover pull?

As you may know, not all solar energy panels are created equal. Some of them take a long time to collect energy. Additionally, some don’t store as much as we’d like. Therefore, you’re probably wondering how the TerraVis solar panel tonneau is set up.

A diagram of the Worksport TerraVis system and how it integrates into your truck bed
TerraVis | Worksport

So how much power can TerraVis store? If you don’t spend money on a new electric truck, the TerraVis still enables truck owners to make use of sustainable energy. However, the solar-powered tonneau is great for electric trucks, too. It can generate up to 1000 watts of power. You can use this power to ease worries about going over your battery range. It adds more usable power without the carbon footprint left by a charging station. Plus, the storage banks for the TerraVis are expandable.

The monocrystalline solar panels can generate up to 1000+ Watts of power. Note that this is at around 22% efficiency. So, even if you aren’t in full sun you can still pull solar energy. It houses a 4000W A/C inverter. Moreover, the inverter gives us two 2000W outlets. Additionally, there is a removable portable unit good for about 1 Kilowatt. It gets a quick charge from the bank in under half an hour.

Is the TerraVis solar panel tonneau system available yet?

Worksport is still reaching out to obtain more capital. Once finale goals are reached, the project will roll out quickly. As the TerraVis product advances toward the pickup truck accessory market, we will see more about pricing and availability. For now, we can watch and wait for more information. Either way, we think it’s going to be a pretty cool innovation in off-grid tech.


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