Decked Decks out Pickup Truck Beds and More

You may have seen the cool advertisements for the Decked pickup truck bed accessory. They fit in most trucks like the Nissan Titan or Ford F-150. But sometimes this grain of aftermarket add-on can turn out to be cheesy. Are Decked drawers an organizer that is actually as cool as it looks? Or should we stick to building our own truck bed organization?

Nissan Titan pickup truck
Nissan Titan pickup truck | Raymond Boyd/Getty Images)

Whether you want to make an addition to your overland build or you want to get your commercial vehicle organized, Decked is actually a really durable and well thought out product. The pickup truck bed accessory even has a few tricks up its sleeve that make it nearly impossible to talk yourself out of needing one for your pickup truck bed or van conversion.

Decked for pickup truck bed organization

This is a pickup truck bed accessory that is useful for just about anything. Unless, for whatever reason, you can’t afford to lose the truck bed depth that the Decked drawers inevitably decrease. Whether for camping, fishing, hunting, commercial use, tool hauling, overlanding––you name it.

This is an amazing addition to an overland conversion build or to improve the organization of your commercial vehicle. The Decked pickup truck bed accessory has been around for a few years. Today, however, it draws appeal as an addition to the perfect road trip truck or van conversion. With flights at a low point, road tripping is the new trending vacation style.

pickup truck bed with composite liner is a great feature for both a personal and commercial vehicle
Toyota Tacoma composite pickup truck bed | Toyota

According to the Decked drawers system can handle a payload of up to 2,000 pounds. Plus, the drawers can each hold up to 200 pounds and still slide in and out with ease. One special feature of the system is that it is constructed from 100% recyclable materials.

Are Decked drawers waterproof?

Decked drawers are said to be waterproof in the video above. However, this review claims that to say they are weatherproof is more accurate. Storms and carwashes have very little chance of infiltrating to recyclable high-density polyethylene drawer system. Yet, it is possible. Thankfully the drawers have a drain in the event that they take on a little water.

2021 Ford F-150 parked in front of cabin
2021 Ford F-150 | Ford

Or, of course, in case you like to party or need to keep things fresh. The cooler aspect of this pickup truck bed accessory is a pretty good idea. But we still think we’d rather used those drawers for other purposes and toss a heavy-duty carry cooler back there instead. Oh, yeah––there is also a stainless steel bottle opener attached right there so that all you have to do is park and open the tailgate in order to pop the top of a favorite bottled beverage.

Not just for trucks

Van conversions are also a perfect way to utilize a Decked drawer system. Or for a commercial cargo van like the Mercedes Sprinter. Whether you have a pickup truck or a van, this truck bed organizer isn’t just for trucks. Van owners may also find this system very useful.

A pic of the front passenger side of a black commercial vehicle type van that received an overlanding conversion
An overlanding conversion of a Nissan NV 3500 van | TFLTruck

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Where can I buy a Decked system?

This pickup truck bed accessory can be found for sale in popular retail spaces such as Amazon or The Home Depot. If you want to implement this organization accessory in your Toyota Tacoma pickup truck or commercial vehicle like a Mercedes Sprinter van, the prices start just over $1,100. The systems are built for each specific truck model to ensure a snug fit. Plus, they hook into the bed with J hooks. There is no drilling involved, to avoid damage. If you can afford the splurge, we think Decked looks awesome.