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The internet is blowing up this morning with these leaked shots of the 2024 Ferrari Purosangue SUV. Taken inside the factory, it is unclear who shot these, and maybe that’s for a reason. These images don’t tell the whole story, but they are enough that you can mentally fill in the whole Ferrari SUV. Originally, only the upper image popped onto different platforms. An hour or so later, the rear shot exploded onto many social media sites. 

Enough Ferrari Purosangue is showing to imagine how it looks

While we love the blade front-end styling, the Purosangue looks pinheaded in the first image. We hope this is due to the crude camera or the angle it was taken from. The rear shot doesn’t give that same high and narrow proportion, which is a good thing.

With it being a front-engine design, we see the long hood proportion. And the signature intake on the front fender is very pronounced; more so than in any current production model. But it is needed as this is still a gas-powered vehicle. The hood cutline ties into it as well, which looks massive. As a design element, we’ll leave our opinion out until we see it in the flesh.

Back to the headlights, we can expect to see variations of this blade splitting device on other Ferrari models in the future, as it is just too good to limit to one model. It gives a very aggressive added element to the typically bland headlight arrangement on most vehicles. 

The gloss-black wheel arches are a bit surprising. First, they’re gloss-black, and then the idea resembles Subaru models going back years. Visually, the silver wheels get lost in the combined wheel opening and black arches. Even if those are 20-inch wheels, they look small and delicate inside of that black graphic opening. 

The rear shot fills in most of the rest of the design

Going to the rear, the taillights take on a Camaro look. But we do like how they tie into the black trim that is hiding the backup lights. They really disappear, which is good. Another element that looks like it disappeared is the rear window wiper. 

Is it gone, or is it just hiding inside of the spoiler? If it’s not here, will it end up appearing on production models? We’ll have to wait and see. 

Ferrari likes big vents, so we have them in the back as well. And it’s not shy about its exhaust tips being prominently displayed. They are definitely being played up with bodywork arching over them and pronounced sculpturing emphasizing them even more.

Speculation for engine choice runs the gamut between a V6 for base models, to a hybrid V12. We expect it to be neither, instead, utilizing the V8 with an electric motor assist. Production is set to begin at the end of this year, so we don’t have long to see whether this major gamble by Ferrari is a hit or miss. 


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