2022 Ferrari Purosangue SUV Spotted In Maranello Ahead of Luanch

We have known for some time that Ferrari is moving forward with a plan to launch an SUV. Speculation had put the launch of that Ferrari around the 2022 model year. But, we are only about a year away from the traditional launch schedule for 2022 model year cars, and there has not been any sightings of the Purosangue model… until now, sort of.  

Spy photographer catches Ferrari test mule

A Ferrari test mule for the Purosangue SUV is wrapped in spy camouflage.
Ferrari Purosangue test mule | KGP Photography

This week, an eagle-eyed photographer in Maranello, Italy caught a glimpse of a Ferrari undergoing testing. The vehicle was covered in spy camouflage. However, it was unmistakably a bulky, a four-door, and a Ferrari. It is suspected that this is the test mule for the soon coming 2022 Purosangue SUV. 

The photographer was not near enough to the Ferrari to take photos of the interior. However, the exterior shots of the test mule are somewhat telling of SUVs proportions. If it ends up in final form similar to this test mule, the vehicle will be a low slung vehicle with a long hood, pushing the cabin back. It will also have a sports coupe type of profile for the rear roofline.

Powerplant choices for the 2022 Ferrari Purosangue SUV

The powerplant of the 2022 Ferrari Purosangue is still unknown. But, it is expected that the automaker will not let the Lamborghini Urus SUV go unchallenged. So, expect there to be at least 650 horsepower. 

Ferrari has also recently been testing what is speculated to be a hybrid V6 setup with one or multiple turbos. It is conceivable then, that the propulsion for the Purosague could end up being a hybrid V6 of some sort. Then again, Ferrari also has V8s and V12 platforms available. Whatever setup is chosen, its power will likely be translated through an all-wheel drive system. 

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Ferrari being Ferrari, expect the Purosangue to arrive with traits befitting of the company legacy. Even as an SUV, it will still bear the Ferrari name after all. So, expect excellent aerodynamics, F1 handling, lightweight materials, and an incredible exhaust note (unless they go full electric). 

Some may cry out that it is sacrilege for the storied automaker to produce an SUV. However, Lamborghini, Maserati, Rolls Royce, and even Aston Martin already have their own SUV in their lineups. Ferrari is simply recognizing demand and moving to provide a niche product for it. 

Will the new Ferrari SUV rock crawl?

2022 Ferrari Purosangue | Ferrari
2022 Ferrari Purosangue conceptual rendering | Ferrari

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It is probably safe to say that the new Ferrari SUV will likely have all-wheel drive capability. However, it will more than likely will be tuned for paved roads, washboard dirt roads, or trails, not necessarily for rock crawling. It is unlikely to see any Ferrari take on the Rubicon trail any time soon. That is not to say a custom shop won’t be tempted to prepare the Purosangue for just such a task. But, it is not anticipated that the SUV will have a package from Ferrari with a lift kit, rock rails, and an onboard air compressor to air down/up 33-inch tires. 

The formal launch of the 2022 Ferrari Purosangue is still far off. More sightings between now and then are expected as more testing mules continue to undergo system validations. For now, however, the pic at the top is the only thing we have to know that something is afoot.