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Just filed with China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology are these images of the upcoming 2024 Cadillac Optiq SUV EV. This is the smallest and most affordable vehicle Cadillac has made so far, and it’s electric. Though initially debuting in China, we expect it will soon be available here

The Optiq is a smaller version of the Cadillac Lyriq, its midsize EV SUV. China is getting it first because Cadillac has to compete with the influx of Chinese-built EVs at less-expensive prices. And smaller SUVs are selling quite well there. So the Optiq’s wheelbase is 116.3 inches versus the Lyriq’s at 122 inches. It is also shorter than the Lyriq’s 196.7 inches at 189.8 inches. 

Would Cadillac make the Optiq in North America?

2024 Cadillac Optiq EV SUV rear end on bricks
2024 Cadillac Optiq EV SUV | GM

In all, the Optiq is just slightly larger than Cadillac’s XT4 crossover. The Optiq rides on GM’s Ultium EV platform. The XT4 will be all-new for 2024, so that gives Cadillac time to blend the Optiq into its lineup in 2025 or 2026, should it decide to offer it in North America.

As the Optiq is a compact SUV, it is not subject to the U.S. chicken tax. So it could still be made in China and brought into the U.S. With enough similarities, the Optiq could also be built alongside the XT4, which is made in Fairfax, Kansas. In China, Optiq assembly is at GM’s joint venture SAIC plant in Wuhan, Hubei province. 

How much is the Cadillac Optiq in China?

2024 Cadillac Optiq EV SUV seven detail closeups
2024 Cadillac Optiq EV SUV | GM

What we know is that two motors will be available, but there will not be a dual-motor option. The base motor offers 150 kW, with the larger one-upping that to 180 kW. The range will be close to or at 300 miles. 

Sales should begin in China at the beginning of next year, according to cnevpost. Prices there start at $42,000, whereas the Lyriq base price is $52,443. Because of the EV price wars, GM lowered the initial price of all versions of the EV by $8,400, putting the highest trim model right at $50,000. 

2024 Cadillac Lyriq EV SUV with green hills in background
2024 Cadillac Lyriq EV SUV | GM

With GM’s schedule to replace current models with EVs, it makes sense to bring the Optiq to North America at some point. With the slow ramp-up of GMC Hummer and Lyriq production, it also makes sense that it will look to China’s Optiq assembly and ramp-up as a guide to doing the same here. Right now, there isn’t much information on the Optiq, but as it gets closer to production, we’ll be hearing more from Cadillac on its latest small EV SUV.


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