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This week, reports from Detroit indicated that three new Cadillac EVs will be coming to the market in 2024. But with production of the midsize Lyriq crossover already underway, are any of the three upcoming models worth waiting for?

Cadillac Celestiq EV
Cadillac Celestiq | Cadillac

Currently, not much is known about any of the three new Cadillac models. However, previous information and patent filings may indicate what’s to come for America’s luxury brand.

A new electric Escalade?

Cadillac has patented both the Escalade IQ and Escalade IQL nameplates already. That bolsters earlier statements that Escalade itself will be a sub-brand within the Cadillac banner. We believe that the first of these will be the Escalade IQ. While VP Ron Harvey has refused to offer any specifics, we think that a full-size, three-row electric SUV will be the first of the Escalade EVs to hit the market.

This will likely blend the current Escalade design language with that of the upcoming Lyriq and Celestiq models. That means squared-off body panels but narrowed LED headlights and a lit faux grille.

Cadillac’s new EV crossover

While we expect an Escalade IQ to be the first new three-row model from the brand, a compact crossover will likely be the next Cadillac EV to launch. While the current Lyriq is priced just below $60,000, its likely that a new, smaller EV crossover will come next, according to Car and Driver. Pricing for that is likely to sit between $45,000 and $52,000.

For reference, think of the current Cadilac XT4 SUV. We expect that a new Cadillac EV crossover will sit in a similar segment. However, it is likely that there will be more luxury touches in a compact electric crossover. That will push the price a bit higher than current XT4 models, though there will be value beyond an electric powertrain.

What will the third new Cadillac EV look like?

With four crossovers and SUVs coming, it is possible that the third unannounced Cadillac EV will be a luxury sedan. Designed to compete with the Mercedes EQE and Tesla Model 3, a possible Cadillac electric car would likely be a CT5-based entrant. Expect similar power to the CT5-V rather than the full-on Blackwing model. Styling will likely vary from that gas-powered sport sedan. Rather, we expect a new electric Caddy to borrow more futuristic styling from its larger siblings.

2023 Cadillac LYRIQ | Cadillac

Current models and deliveries

While delivering just 100 Lyriq models in 2022, the American luxury brand ramped up to produce 1000 models in January. The delayed ramp up has seen some deliveries pushed to 2024, though they expect to keep up with demand as the year rolls on. Meanwhile, the Celestiq halo project should enter production in the fall of 2023.

Any new Cadillac EVs would be revealed by the third quarter of this year. However, production for such vehicles won’t begin until early 2024.

Are any of the new models worth the wait?

Those looking for a three-row EV or electric sport sedan from the American brand may find patience to be worthwhile. However, the existing electric crossover will check most boxes for buyers looking to make a move right away.

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