Every New Cadillac Will Be Electric From Here on Out

The electric revolution is well on its way, and Cadillac has joined the long list of automakers that are going EV-only. Like other automakers, Cadillac has decided to set its deadline for fully transitioning into an EV-only automaker by 2030. Here’s a look at how the company plans to transition and what those EVs may look like.

Cadillac going fully electric by 2030

The Cadillac Lyriq EV SUV parked outside a luxury home
The Cadillac Lyriq EV SUV | Cadillac

According to Automotive News, Cadillac recently announced that every “new or redesigned” Cadillac in North America would be an EV. This is all part of General Motors’ goal of selling only EVs by 2035, but obviously, Cadillac aims to be a bit faster than GM. With that being said, not every “brand-new” Caddy will be EV just yet. As Automotive News wrote, while every new or redesigned nameplate will be an EV, Cadillac will continue producing conventional cars until 2030.

Cadillac will not give its gas-powered and hybrid vehicles major overhauls, but they will get facelifts now and again. That is, of course, until they eventually get redesigned into an EV or replaced by an EV. Due to how different its lineup is, Cadillac’s EV plans for its models are also different. Here’s a look at what Cadillac is planning to do in terms of electrifying its lineup.

Cadillac’s small cars and compact SUVs

The CT4 and CT5 are the brand’s current sedan offerings, and they will be gone soon. Automotive News says that Cadillac would give both models a refresh in 2023, but they will be gone by 2030. The plan is to replace them with EVs, though it’s not clear which models will replace them. However, the Michigan plant that makes the CT4 and CT5 would be retooled for EVs by around 2026. 

In 2023, Cadillac will also be introducing a brand-new EV, the Celestiq. It’ll be a very high-end and luxurious car, and as such, it’ll be expensive, as it’s estimated to cost about $100,000. According to Automotive News, Cadillac plans to produce just 1.2 Celestiqs a day. This slow production schedule is because they’ll be hand-built.

Things are looking similar for Cadillac’s crossover segment. Automotive News says that the XT4 would get a refresh in 2023, but it’ll be dead in 2025. The XT4, in particular, will be replaced by a similarly-sized SUV, named either the Optiq or the Symboliq. Whatever its title, the XT4’s replacement should start production in 2024. 

The company’s plans for its bigger SUV EVs


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Something similar will be happening to the XT5 and the XT6 as well. Both models will get a refresh in 2023 before being fully replaced by an EV counterpart. The XT5’s EV counterpart, however, is actually pretty close to hitting dealerships. The XT5’s replacement is called the Lyriq, and Cadillac plans to have it available in 2022. The Lyriq will cost about $60,000, and it’ll have about 300 miles of range.

The XT6, meanwhile, will be getting a replacement at about the same time as the XT4 is. Automotive News said that the XT6’s replacement would probably launch in 2024, and it’ll be named either Optiq or Symboliq, with the other title going to the XT4’s replacement. The Escalade, meanwhile, will get a refresh in 2024. That said, the Escalade will probably live longer as a regular car when compared to the rest of the lineup due to its popularity with drivers.

According to Automotive News, Cadillac currently plans on launching an all-electric SUV that’s the same size as the Escalade by 2024. The larger Escalade ESV, meanwhile, will get an EV counterpart by 2025. Once all Escalade variants are on the market, Cadillac is expected to produce all four models until 2029, when the regular Escalades will be retired.