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Everything from groceries to new cars to car insurance is more expensive this year. Have no fear; Kelley Blue Book has some tips on how to get a good discount on insurance in 2022.

Shop around for car insurance before buying a policy

Kelley Blue Book: car insurance discounts for 2022
Kelley Blue Book: car insurance discounts for 2022 | Julian Stratenschulte/picture alliance via Getty Images

Taking some time to shop around before deciding on car insurance can pay off. Kelley Blue Book suggests getting a quote from at least three different companies before choosing. You can check online or give the company a call for a quote. It is also a good idea to ask around. Ask neighbors or people in your area for suggestions, as some places tend to have better coverage or prices.

You can also inquire about a group discount. These can be helpful in different groups, clubs, associations, or even your employer. Asking around might end up saving you some headache or money. For instance, Geico offers a discount to Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity members.

Ask your car insurance company about bundling or multi-policy discounts

Kelley Blue Book says that bundling your car insurance policy with another type of policy can save you some cash. This means you can get home and car insurance from one provider and get a discount for it. “At insurers such as Allstate, the discount can reach as much as 25%,” KBB says.

You can also bundle things like life insurance. Home and auto insurance are going to offer the most significant discount, but you can see how much the discount is for others.

Another discount is a multi-car discount. You can add both to your policy and save some money if you have two cars. Having two separate vehicles on the same policy can sometimes save you 25%. It is a good idea to inquire about this if you have two cars you need to insure.

You might be eligible for a good student or homeowner discount

The good student discount applies to full-time students with good grades. That usually means a 3.0 GPA or higher for high school and college students. You will probably have to show a report card or other proof of good grades, but it can be worth around 25%. These discounts also only apply to those 25 or younger. Insurance for younger drivers tends to be more expensive, so a discount like this is helpful.

Many car insurance companies also offer a homeowner discount. Owning a home can help you get a discount because companies tend to view you as a responsible policyholder. You can combine this with the multi-policy for even more savings.

Loyal customers might be awarded!

If you are a long-term policyholder, ask about a discount! You might be able to get a loyal customer discount. But this isn’t always the case. “A little advice about loyalty discounts you should be aware of: Car insurers use a practice called price optimization. They charge their loyal customers higher rates since they are not likely to switch companies,” KBB says. Be sure to check on your rates occasionally to ensure your policy price is still reasonable.

It is a good idea to check on your insurance policy every year. Ask about discounts, changes, or other ways to save money. Kelley Blue Book suggests looking at the total policy cost because it is more important than the discounts. The best way to get a low car insurance premium is by driving safely and maintaining a good credit score. Those probably impact your pricing more than anything else.


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