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Are you the type of person that wants an older used car with character over something brand-new? Us too. The options on this list might not be easy to find, but each one will turn heads. If a Chevy G20 is on your list, look no further for your next Mystery Machine.

Insurify released a list of the cheapest cars to insure in 2021, and the options might not be what you think.

Used car royalty: A punchy Plymouth Breeze

While used cars often go down in price, options like the Ford Aerostar are now cheap enough to insure
The new Ford Aerostar minivan makes a great used car option | Lyn Alweis/The Denver Post via Getty Images

The Plymouth Breeze was a late ’90’s sedan produced from 1996 and 2000. Edmunds notes it was “extremely spacious” and had comfortable seats. Last but not least, it had impressive handling.

The Breeze was supposed to go up against the Dodge Stratus and the Chrysler Cirrus. Offering a lower price to fight the competition, the Plymouth never did get the recognition it deserved. With a 2.0L four-cylinder automatic getting 132 hp, this sedan really moved.

The four-cylinder engine wasn’t the strongest, but it was apparently the loudest. The Breeze might “lack refinement,” but it sure was cheap. And now, you can insure it for $658 a year.

The wonderful Chevy G20 is the king of used cars

Chevy vans used to be THE van to have. You weren’t cool until you were watching VHS in the line at Burger King in your G20. You can find a few G20’s on eBay right now, priced at $1,495 for a 1993 van. The 1977 variety is going for $21,995.

According to Insurify, insuring this bad boy will cost you around $722 a year. These are collector’s items now, so you might have trouble finding one to insure.

You can make yours into the Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine if you can get your hands on one.

The fabulous Ford Aerostar

The Ford Aerostar truly was a star back in its time. Edmunds lists some pros and cons for the 1997 model. It is inexpensive, all-wheel-drive or rear-wheel drive, and has a high tow rating. This minivan does it all!

The Aerostar was produced from 1990 through 1997 and apparently can be insured for $647 a year. Some eBay listings show a 1996 Aerostar XLT in “super clean” condition for $6,450 with 132,950 miles.

Another 1990 model with 111,846 miles is listed for $3,500. You can buy and insure this fancy van for just over $4,000.

Oh joy, an Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera

You might be asking yourself, “Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera?” And the answer is yes. According to 90’s Cars Fandom, “cutting-edge technology and styling were not on the top of Ciera buyers’ list of requirements.” We disagree.

The Cutlass Ciera came in a three-speed automatic and a four-speed automatic with room for four or five passengers. In 1994, Oldsmobile added a station wagon to the lineup.

The Ciera was available from 1994 through 1997. In 1993, the Ciera S four-door sedan was priced at $16,070, while the wagon was $17,570. As of 1995, the four-door sedan was $14,865, and the 1995 four-door wagon was $17,455.

These days, you can insure your very one Ciera for $702 a year. That’s less than $60 a month! If you can find a Cutlass Ciera, you may as well pick it up. This is a weekend car if we have ever seen one.


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