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iSeeCars analyzed over 400,000 new and used vehicles from 2019 and 2020 listed for sale in June of 2021. Since the automotive market is in such turmoil right now, some of these new cars are now more expensive to buy used than if you were to purchase one new. As the list goes on, some of the cars are almost the same price new as used. Looking at you, Subaru WRX.

Used car madness with the Dodge Challenger

The Dodge Challenger is a pricey used car
The Dodge Challenger is an expensive used car | Tristar Media/Getty Images

According to iSeeCars data, the Dodge Challenger is at the top of the list for a flip in price. 2019 and 2020 Dodge Challenger vehicles purchased for around $39,375 are now selling for $40,764. That’s a 3.5% increase or a $1,388 increase in price.

New Dodge Challenger price: $39,375

Used Dodge Challenger price: $40,764

Since the price of Tesla Model 3 EVs has been steadily rising in 2021, it is no surprise this used car has gone up in price. The cost of a new Model 3 is around $44,409. With a 2.9% increase, buyers can expect to pay about $45,677 for a used one.

New Tesla Model 3 price: $44,409

Used Tesla Model 3 price: $45,677

The Honda Civic always has a following of fans willing to pay a little more for certain specs. The Civic usually costs about $26,331 new, so it is such a popular option for buyers. However, iSeeCars saw an increase of around 2.8% for a used car. The price for a used Honda Civic was $27,058.

New Honda Civic price: $26,331

Used Honda Civic price: $27,058

A used Dodge Charger costs $897 more than a new one

The Dodge Charger is another vehicle that people are having trouble finding these days. As far as the price of a Charger new, buyers paid around $38,977. That has increased about 2.3% to $39,874 for a used Dodge Charger. While that is under $1,000, it is still a big increase considering all of the fees for purchasing a new car.

New Dodge Charger price: $38,977

Used Dodge Charger price: $39,874

The Kia Rio price difference is quite small

The Kia Rio will run you about $17,346 off the lot. Buyers looking for a used Rio might end up paying $17,472 for a used version. Since the Kia Rio isn’t a costly car to begin with, the cost for a used one is generally less expensive. The difference of $127 is merely an interesting piece of information.

New Kia Rio price: $17,346

Used Kia Rio price: $17,472

The price difference for the Subaru WRX is $81

At the end of the list is the Subaru WRX. It was included in the list from iSeeCars for a reason, but that reason is minimal. A new WRX costs around $34,487 new. A used Subaru WRX was estimated to cost around $34,568. That’s approximately $81 extra, which is almost funny. Don’t expect to get a good deal on a used WRX anytime soon!

New Subaru WRX price: $34,487

Used Subaru WRX price: $34,568

While the use car market is a scary place to navigate right now, the prices should start to level out soon enough. If you are looking to get a good deal on a car purchase right now, check out some of these tips.