Kanye West Isn’t Satisfied With Owning Just One Ford Raptor

Off-road enthusiasts have serious respect for the Ford Raptor. Do you know who else respects the blue oval’s beefy pickup? Kanye West does, and with his $14 million ranches in Wyoming to tend to these days, he may need more than one Ford Raptor. We dove in to find out more about Kanye West’s ranch, his fleet of Raptors, and why this pickup is a behemoth on the farm and pretty much anywhere it goes.

Kanye West tackles the wild west

Imagine a Wyoming town – Cody, to be exact – nestled in the sprawling wilderness and mountains. You might expect to spot bears, wolves, and for this town, the occasional celebrity. Around 10,000 people live in this nature-lover’s dream.

One famous resident and recording artist spends time on his massive $14 million ranches there – Kanye West. Some suggest he’s preferred life away from the spotlight and loved his previous time spent in Jackson, which led him to find his own remote-living compounds to buy in Cody.

How many Ford Raptor models are in his fleet?

Ford Ranger Raptor performance pick-up truck on display at Brussels Expo
A Ford Raptor model | Sjoerd van der Wal/Getty Images

When you have the millions that Kanye West has, you don’t just buy a ranch. You buy a fleet of sweet rides to make sure you can blaze through snowdrifts and over rocky terrain. There is some speculation as to how many Ford Raptor pickups Kanye West owns.

A saleswoman at the local Ford dealership told the New York Times that she sold the superstar rapper between “two and six” totally blacked-out Ford Raptors. West uses his choice of trucks from this fleet primarily to travel to and from nearby Greybull and his properties in Cody. But, the pickup fleet is also ideal for navigating fence lines and tooling around his sprawling ranches.

Why is the Ford Raptor perfect for the ranch life?

If you were to design terrain ideal for Ford Raptor tackling, you would suggest the vast Wyoming wilderness. With its beefy all-terrain tires and 17-inch rims, the muscled-up F-150 presents an aggressive and capable, ready-for-anything look. It also features racing shocks, skid plates, and a V6 twin-charged engine harnessing 450 horses. The 510 ft-lb of torque is almost double that of the standard F-150. The Ford Raptor is primed to tackle practically any terrain, including the Wyoming wilderness of hills, inclines, and rugged landscapes.

When you live on a ranch, you’ll not only need to be able to tackle the tricky terrain around the property. You’ll also need to have a capable vehicle to tow and haul everything from horse feed to fence posts. The Ford Raptor is a beast and perfect for working with towing capability up to 8,000 pounds. It can carry loads up to 1,200 pounds in the truck bed too.

How much does a fleet of Ford Raptors cost?

There isn’t a bulk discount for buying “two to six” Ford Raptors. SuperCabs start out at $54,800 while SuperCrews run around $57,785. But, you know, adding in extras and packages can mean up to $80,000 for one of these monster pickups. For someone like Kanye West, who’s fame and success has him liquid with cash flow, these price points are a drop in the bucket. So much so that he didn’t hesitate to buy more than one for his new ranch-based lifestyle.

Not much is new for 2020 in the Ford Raptor, and that’s perfectly acceptable. This truck is a capable and top-performing animal among many expert reviewers, everyday consumers, and yes, even for Kanye West. Most can’t afford to buy a fleet of their own. But, if you can afford one Raptor, it’s worth every penny, whether you live in Wyoming or not.