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Jaguar has always been somewhat of a boutique auto brand. But even it must be disappointed in how the I-Pace, its first EV, has been accepted. There are a lot of reasons why it continues to drop down the sales charts. But with it finding fewer and fewer buyers and Jaguar poised to launch several new EVs, it won’t be around much longer.

Jaguar sales are up in 2023. But in the second quarter of this year, sales of the I-Pace dropped 39% from last year. Put another way, Jaguar sold only 1,339 of the EVs in Q2. This further puts the exclamation point on yearly sales since the I-Pace hit the streets in 2018.

What are the I-Pace sales numbers since 2018?

Blue 2023 Jaguar I-Pace EV on blue background
2023 Jaguar I-Pace EV | Jaguar

At the time, it stood out with its great design and range. But early buyers soon faced software issues, and mileage was significantly lower than advertised ranges. Technicians knowledgeable about EVs were in short supply, causing fixes at dealerships to take much longer to complete. And then, in June, every I-Pace made was recalled over fire concerns. These were just some of the problems.

Much of these early issues are past history, but sales have never reached the numbers seen earlier. Here’s each year’s sales: 2018: 6,893; 2019: 17,355; 2020: 16,457; 2021: 9,970; and 2022: 7,307. Especially last year, with I-Pace prices slashed, the expectation was for a jump in sales. Sadly, that didn’t happen.

What puts the I-Pace on precarious footing is not only the declining numbers but also the overall share of Jaguar sales volume. In 2022, its share of total sales was under 12%, according to goodcarbadcar

What Jaguar EVs would replace the I-Pace?

2023 Jaguar I-Pace EV rear 3/4 view
2023 Jaguar I-Pace EV | Jaguar

At some point, automakers need to cut bait. With anticipated sales this year looking to be under 5,000, there is probably a better use of Jaguar facilities and manpower. And that’s especially true as Jaguar Land Rover begins releasing its onslaught of new electric vehicles. 

Next year, Land Rover releases its Range Rover EV. Jaguar isn’t far behind, with the new GT four-door reveal also set for next year. Both are estimated to have a 450-mile range. Compare that range to the I-Pace, which struggles to reach 240 miles with a full charge. Real-world ranges are much lower at under 200 miles.

So is the end coming this year or next?

2023 Jaguar I-Pace EV parked at building
2023 Jaguar I-Pace EV | Jaguar

Will 2023 be its last year? No. Probably 2024 will be the end of the line for the I-Pace. That would make it a seven-year run, which is about as good as it gets if you’re Jaguar. The automaker has learned a lot from its first EV journey. Adding that with overall advances in technology puts the I-Pace at an ever-increasing disadvantage. 

But give credit to the Covington manufacturer for being one of the earlier companies embracing electrification. Back in 2018, it was mostly Nissan Leafs, Chevy Bolts, and Tesla. So it was a daring leap of faith, even with all of the glitches and gremlins. 


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