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Did you ever think you would see a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen in a puffer jacket? But this isn’t an off-road alternative, or future look a sustainable off-road G-Class. This is about fashion. Milan-based Moncler combined with Mercedes created this strange vehicle for the London Fashion Week. So what are we looking at?

Is the Mercedes G-Wagen a puffy “art piece?”

Mercedes G-Wagen
Mercedes-Benz Project Mondo G | MB

“Underpinning the claim to luxury,” Moncler’s “art piece” is part of its “The Art of Genius” spectacle. Called Project Mondo G we’re at a loss to explain what it is. We also wonder about Mercedes’ zeal for involvement in this art project, other than to jam themselves in this high couture extravaganza. 

Could Mercedes have found involvement in London Fashion Week in a different manner? You’d think so, but here we are. A G-Wagen covered in puffy reflective fabric with a giant zipper. We guess this is how Mercedes establishes its “claim to luxury.” Hypebeast says the project took over a year to complete.

Is there a purpose for the Mercedes G-Wagen?

Mercedes G-Wagen
Mercedes-Benz Mondo Project G | MB

Hiding under the puff is a three-door G-Class. Curiously, it doesn’t make such a G-Class, especially when you realize it is only 181 inches long, 110 inches tall, and 134 inches wide. The only thing more curious is the setting for Project Mondo G.

Surrounding the SUV is a bizarre dystopian winder wonderland, so maybe the puffy fabric is to keep the G-Wagen warm? Or to help it bounce off of icebergs? We’re just looking for something too literal than its intent, we suppose. 

Does Mercedes do this often?

will.i.amg the flip
will.i.amg the flip AMG coupe | MB

Mercedes must have determined that last year’s Will. I.AMG coupe might have scared potential customers away. Built by West Coast Customs, it was a flat body-surface AMG coupe with a G-Class front end. The blend of the two was not especially successful. Created in conjunction with rapper will., its nickname is “The Flip,” whatever that means. 

One notable feature is the combination of a Teddy Bear face inside a three-pointed Mercedes star prominent in the grille. It highlights the Bear Witness apparel collection Drop 1-limited edition. A portion of clothing sales will be donated to the will.’s charity Foundation.  

The four-door coupe was turned into a traditional two-door coupe. But the doors are extremely long and open suicide-style. It also sports gigantic monoblock-style wheels. But both Mercedes’ and will.’s intentions are golden. The car was created to inspire disadvantaged youth to show that they can achieve greater things. 

Is the marketing department playing with us?

Mercedes G-Wagen
Mercedes-Benz Project Mondo G | MB

Is Mercedes-Benz’s marketing arm losing its collective mind? The puffy G-Wagen hints that this is a concern. Maybe the group needs an intervention to help them gain more awareness. Sometimes you can be too close to things to see the folly of your imagination. Or projects. 

Maybe this is all just a way for the designers and marketing department to “blow off steam,” and produce the Mondo G-Wagen with a wink. We’ll let you decide. 


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