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There are many aspects of car maintenance that vehicle owners should be aware of. As everyone knows, getting a car oil change is one of the most significant. However, many drivers also experience oil leaks in their cars, which isn’t only unsightly for the areas where they park but can lead to other issues. Luckily, a car oil leak is usually preventable, and the fix may not be that expensive. 

Bad filters can cause oil leaks

One of the biggest causes of oil leaks in cars happens to be the filters. Of course, drivers should have these changed each time they get a car oil change. Typically, if the filter is the problem, this will fix the oil leak in your car. However, there are still things that can go wrong. For starters, the oil filter may not be installed correctly. 

Oil leaks can be common
Draining oil from the car | artisteer via iStock

Additionally, a defect in the oil filter could be responsible for leaks. Vehicle owners or mechanics should check the seal on the filter to see if it’s on tight and that you can’t see the o ring from the outside. This could be one of the most straightforward fixes for a leak. 

Gaskets can cause your car to leak oil

Another significant reason for an oil leak in your car has to do with its various gaskets. Essentially, gaskets provide a seal for different parts of the vehicle, which means it’s only natural that oil leaks may stem from here. Unfortunately, judging whether this is the cause of your problem may require an auto mechanic, as this part of car maintenance can be complicated. In general, there are also lots of other seals that could cause a leak. Additionally, the drain plug could be loose and would only need tightening. 

Your oil pan could be damaged

Often, oil leaks are small, and people only notice them over time. However, if you notice that you’re leaving giant puddles of oil everywhere you go, it might be the oil pan. You can find this component under the vehicle, which means there is a high chance it could become damaged, especially if you drive on rough terrain. This fix would require a mechanic’s help.

Overall, there are many reasons for oil leaks in cars. Keeping up with car maintenance is an easy way to prevent them, but it also doesn’t hurt to pay closer attention to the ground underneath your vehicle regularly to make sure there are no leaks. Additionally, good driving habits can also help when it comes to keeping the oil pan intact. Plus, according to AAA, drivers typically need a car oil change every 5,000-7,000 miles. This is especially important for older cars with high mileage.