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The Ram 1500 is one of the best trucks available to American customers. Not only is it a great truck, but it’s also better than its famous competitors, like the Ford F-150 or the Chevy Silverado. But is the Ram 1500 a good family pickup truck? Here’s why Edmunds says it is.

Why the Ram 1500 is the best family pickup truck

Edmunds is a popular car review site, and it created a list of the best vehicles for families to own. Edmunds developed this list based on looking at many things that should matter to any families looking to buy a new car. The biggest thing that Edmunds looked at is safety, as obviously, nobody wants to drive their family around in an unsafe car. But Edmunds also looked at a car’s family-friendly features. 

The reason why Edmunds said that the Ram 1500 was the best family pickup truck was because it beat out the other pickups in those categories. For example, the Ram 1500 is well-known for having the best interior among pickup trucks. Not only is the Ram 1500’s interior large and spacious, but it’s also very comfortable as well. 

Edmunds says that part of the reason why the Ram 1500 is so comfortable has to do with its suspension system. Edmunds claims that the Ram 1500’s suspension is unique to its class, and it’s what allows the Ram 1500 to provide a very comfortable ride for families.

On top of that, the Ram 1500 is a very capable pickup truck. Not only can it tow over 11,500 lb, which should allow families to carry almost everything with them, but it’s also very fuel-efficient, too.

When equipped with its diesel engine, the Ram 1500 gets a combined 23 MPG, which is a good fuel economy for a full-sized pickup truck. And of course, the Ram 1500 is a pretty safe truck, too. Edmunds says that it even has smart safety features such as a blind spot monitoring system that’ll help prevent a crash. 

It’s not a perfect truck though

That said, the Ram 1500 is not a perfect truck, and Edmunds says that it has some flaws. But, these flaws don’t take away too much from all the great features that the Ram 1500 has. 

For example, the Ram 1500 is a full-size pickup truck, and as such, it’ll cost a lot. The final cost will depend on what options and features you choose for it, but a very basic Ram 1500 starts at about $32,000. If you want one of Ram’s powerful and fuel-efficient diesel engines on it, then the Ram 1500 can cost thousands more. 

And, as Edmunds said, the Ram 1500 is a big truck, so you may have issues with parking it in tight spaces. That said, that issue is true for any full-size truck, so the Ram 1500 is no different than its competitors.

One of America’s best-selling trucks

Along with the awards and accolades that the Ram 1500 has received from car reviewers such as Motortrend, actual American customers are showing the world why the Ram 1500 is such a good truck simply by buying them. Not only has the Ram 1500’s sales been growing, but it’s also one of the most popular cars in America.

The Ram 1500 and its larger siblings were the second best selling cars in America in 2019, second only to the Ford F-150. But while the F-150 took first place, as the Ram 1500’s awards show, it’s won first place in other areas that the F-150 hasn’t. Because of that, the Ram 1500 clearly has America’s vote of confidence as a pickup truck for families.