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The Tacoma is Toyota’s premier compact truck in the U.S., and it’s one of the safest in America. However, it is a smaller truck than full-sized versions like the Ford F-150. This size difference can be problematic for drivers who have a family. Here’s why.

The Toyota Tacoma’s dimensions

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According to Toyota, the Tacoma’s dimensions across its trims are exactly the same if you opt for the access cab or double cab trim. The front seats of a Tacoma with a double cab trim are relatively roomy, with about 40 inches of head and legroom. The rear seats, however, are more cramped.

Toyota says there are about 38 inches of headroom and about 32 inches of legroom in the rear seats. The Tacoma, with the double cab trim, can also seat a total of five people, according to Toyota.

This is the same story for the standard access cab trim, which can only seat four people due to the smaller cab size. The front seats of the access cab have about 40 inches of head and legroom while the rear seats have 35 inches of headroom and 25 inches of legroom.

Consumer Reports, in particular, mentioned that the front seat is roomy enough for most people, though taller folks may have problems with it. The rear seats were also decently sized — even adults can fit in them. Most children, even in booster seats, should be able to fit in the Tacoma’s rear seats, as long as it has the double cab trim.

Other Tacoma size considerations

The Tacoma is a smaller truck, so other things about it are smaller, too. For example, U.S. News says the Tacoma has one of the smallest cargo capacities in its class. Parents may want to put the truck bed to good use, and the Tacoma’s lackluster bed size wouldn’t be great for that. 

However, being a smaller truck does have some perks for families. The Tacoma’s smaller size allows it to be relatively fuel-efficient for a truck. Fuel savings ultimately mean cost savings for families, which makes it an affordable pickup truck compared to its larger competitors. 

The Toyota Tacoma’s fuel economy depends on the trim and engine choice. However, the EPA says the Tacoma will average about 20 MPG combined. This, along with the truck’s affordable starting price of about $25,000, is a great thing for families.

Furthermore, despite being a smaller truck, the Tacoma is still very safe, according to U.S. News. It gave the Tacoma a 9.1 out of 10 in its safety rating due to its amount of standard safety features and how the Tacoma performed in crash tests. 

Is the Toyota Tacoma big enough?

Ultimately, the answer to this question will depend on your family. If your family is bigger than five, then no, the Tacoma is not big enough, but most other trucks won’t be either. 

If your family only has four people, then the Tacoma, even with its access cab trim, would be big enough. For families with taller members or larger members, then the double cab should do fine, given the Tacoma’s reviews.