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The Ford Mustang debuted almost 60 years ago. Let that sink in for a moment, and contemplate everything it’s been through over the decades. It sparked the pony car competition of the 1960s, sold over 600,000 units in its second year, survived both oil crises, and is still one of the cheapest, most powerful cars on the market. Ford Mustangs have seen many power levels, track times, milestones, and top speeds, but now Clive Sutton has come along and made it even more powerful, with the CS850GT. Is it the most powerful Mustang ever made? It would have to beat the Shelby 1000 S/C. 

Clive Sutton’s Mustang CS850GT is a monster

The answer is no, Clive Sutton’s Ford Mustang CS860GT is not the most powerful Mustang ever, but it comes close. It could also be because the Shelby 1000C/S makes 1,200 horsepower. For starters, the CS850GT only exists in England and is the country’s most powerful Mustang. Sutton’s team completely reworked the Coyote 5.0 to deliver 850 horsepower to the rear wheels with the help of an intercooled Whipple supercharger. Sutton gave it a new exhaust as well and a short-throw six-speed manual gearbox. 

Sutton also went so far as to upgrade the suspension. The CS850GT got upgraded anti-roll bars, better brakes, and new subframe components. It might not be as powerful as the Shelby 1000 S/C, but it’s certainly a step up from the stock Mustang GT. Clive Sutton priced the CS850GT at $158,677. 

How does the Mustang CS850GT compare to the Shelby Super Snake?

Ford Mustang Shelby Super Snake
Ford Mustang Shelby Super Snake | Shelby

Shelby released the 2021 Super Snake earlier this year and impressed. It even went head-to-head against a Dodge Demon. Shelby took a 2021 Ford Mustang GT and gave it reinforced suspension, forged aluminum wheels, and 825 horsepower with the help of a supercharger. All of this meant the Super Snake could reach 60 mph in just 3.5 seconds. Not to mention it enjoys better handling and braking. The real kicker is, the Super Snake costs a measly $133,785. 

Is the CS850GT better than the Shelby Super Snake?

On paper, the Super Snake wins on sheer price per horsepower. Then again, the Super Snake is only sold in America, as is the GT500. The CS850GT provides GT500 power in a base Ford Mustang GT from England, which means right-hand drive and a manual transmission. It’s also loud. Its exhaust sounds at 130 decibels. Clive Sutton gave it a body kit featuring new aerodynamics, including a rear diffuser and a massive rear wing. Sutton tuned the suspension for UK roads, which may make it a better car for everyday driving. When the Super Snake went against the Demon, it exhibited some reliability issues and was a little ragged. The CS850GT displayed total composure but wasn’t shoved as hard to the limit. In other words, it’s a toss-up.

Is the CS850GT worth the money?

There aren’t many other choices for those living in the UK who want the most powerful muscle car. For those in America, the CS850GT is more powerful than the Super Snake, so if you can afford to import one and make it street legal, more power to you.


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