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We are starting the week with a brand new drag racing video. Over the weekend, we showed you what happened when Edmunds lined up a Mustang Mach 1 against a Shelby GT500. While that drag race was entertaining to watch, we have to admit it was a tad predictable.

It was nothing like the three-way muscle car race we showed you a while back. Nor was it like the ridiculous drag race between a Porsche 718 and a tuned merch truck. Even the somewhat tame race between the Tesla Model S Plaid and the McLaren 765 LT had more surprises.

However, today’s drag racing video has more than a few surprises for viewers. This video comes from the crew at Throttle House; a YouTube channel featured on MotorBiscuit before. The YouTube duo wanted to simulate a street race between two potent modern muscle cars. Unlike the Mach 1 vs. GT500 race, this time, the competitors are two utterly different chassis.

Dodge Demon

A black Dodge Demon with a yellow front lip spoiler preparing for a drag race
Dodge Demon | Throttle House YouTube channel

What can we say about the Dodge Demon that fans have not already said of American muscle cars? The Dodge Demon fulfills the wishes of those who long for the 70s when automakers cared more about power than economy. Sure, that way of doing things didn’t last too long, but eventually, the muscle car made its resurgence, and the Dodge Demon is the personification of American automotive excess.

With 808 horsepower, over 700 ft-lbs of torque, and its wide stance, the Dodge Demon is tailor-made for straight-line racing. Everything about the Demon screams drag racing. Heck, this car even has a drag race mode. The one thing that the Dodge Demon doesn’t have is a small price tag. The Demon has an MSRP of well above $80,000. Though, if you’re a YouTube influencer like Tavarish, you might just get one for free.

With so much power and features that make the Dodge Demon effectively purpose-built for drag racing, it is hard to imagine a car (besides a Tesla Plaid) that can beat it. Maybe its competitor can defy imagination.

Ford Mustang Shelby Super Snake convertible

A black Shelby Super Snake Ford Mustang convertible preparing for a drag race
Shelby Super Snake convertible | Throttle House YouTube channel

In the last drag race we presented, there were two Mustangs going head-to-head. One of them was the Shelby GT500 which is a Ford factory-built homage to Carol Shelby. Well, besides being a legendary racer and tuner, Carol Shelby was also a businessman. So, even though Ford brought the GT500 in-house, Shelby still launched his own business called Shelby American tuning Mustangs and other Fords.

Since Shelby’s legend started with the Cobra, he tended to stick with the snake motif in his future creations. The Shelby Super Snake is just one of the more famous serpent-named performance cars from the Shelby American stable. The Shelby Super Snake in this drag race has a supercharged V8 engine and makes 825 horsepower, which is more than the Dodge Demon but has less torque at 630 ft-lbs. The Super Snake also has a decent weight advantage over the Demon. Will that be enough?

Drag Race: Shelby Super Snake vs. Dodge Demon

The Shelby Super Snake comes into this drag race with a marginal horsepower advantage and a torque disadvantage. The Dodge Demon might be a tad bit heavier than the Super Snake, but it is hard to argue with a car made for the drag strip.

We will not spoil the winner, but we will say that one of these cars was a bit more prepared for this fight than the other. The reveal may just surprise you.


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