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YouTubers are out of control. For reasons we’ll probably never understand, people love to watch nice stuff explode. It’s strange, but it’s a fact. The Russian YouTuber VITVIN has blown up yet another luxury sports car. This time the victim of his destructive YouTube stunt was a lovely BMW M5 Competition

BMW M5 Competition parked in a snowy field awaiting its demise
BMW M5 Competition | LITVIN via YouTube

Does the Russian YouTuber actually blow up real cars? 

In October of 2020, the vlogger first stepped into the limelight when he lit his Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S on fire in protest against the Mercedes dealer who refused to repair it. This being 2020 means he filmed it, posted it to YouTube, and the internet watched by the millions, 28 million to be exact. 

In the YouTube world, 28 million views means a big payout for our Russian friend. Only months after the Mercedes-AMG fire, he decided to do another stunt that again grabbed the internet’s attention. You may recall the same fellow driving a Porsche Taycan through the front window of a Russian Porsche dealership. 

Why did he blow up a BMW M5 Competiton? 

Although this is certainly a dramatic YouTube stunt, there is actually a nugget of sentimentality and meaning behind his most recent explosion. The vlogger says this BMW M5 Competition belonged to a friend of his. They chose to blow the M5 up as an act of sentimental vengeance after a friend died while driving a BMW M4 Competition in Moscow last year. 

How do you safely blow up a car? 

Russian vlogger crouches from exploding BMW M5 Competition
Russian vlogger blows up BMW | LITVIN via YouTube

This is a somewhat oxymoronic question that there probably isn’t a responsible way to answer. What the YouTuber chose to do was park it in a snowy field, drench the BMW in gasoline, and shoot flaming arrows at it. Not to question his archery skills, but the first few misses aren’t what we’re here to talk about. 

His flaming arrows eventually find purchase, and the BMW M5 lights up in a full-blown action movie-esque fireball. The video makes you think that Arnold Schwartzenegger should slowly walk away from the tangled nest of steel and flame. CarScoops points out that gasoline alone wouldn’t make for such a grandiose explosion. There is a good chance the vlogger may have literally added a little extra fuel to the fire in the form of explosives. 

In a strange mirroring of a Who concert, our vlogger may have slightly overdone the explosives because multiple pieces of debris landed within feet on him and his film crew. 

The internet likes vengeance and explosions 

Although we hate to see a perfectly good and super badass car explode, there’s no arguing with the video’s results. This BMW M5 Competition video cleared 5 million views in one day. That makes three successful car-destruction videos.

So, if this kind of wanton destruction is upsetting to our BMW friends, you might want to toughen up because I would doubt this is the last we’ve seen of this sort of thing. While YouTube is a valuable tool for automotive journalism, it may also prove to be equally (literally) damaging to the automotive industry. 


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