Broken 2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo S Drives Through Dealership Windows for Views

What you are about to see, or at least read, is perhaps the strangest 2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo S video ever made. The Taycan is without a doubt a breakthrough model for the German carmaker. However, Russian YouTuber Mikhail Litvin took this a bit too literally and drove his brand-new EV through some dealership windows.

Unfortunately, that isn’t even the strangest part of the entire video, which begins with actors dressed as Stalin, Lenin, and Putin. This is how you break a brand-new Taycan for millions of views.

Why would someone crash a brand-new 2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo S?

As mentioned above, this broken 2021 Taycan Turbo S video begins with Stalin, Lenin, and Putin chatting with Litvin. Thanks to Motor1, we know that they told the YouTuber to live his life regardless of what others say.

After this unusual exchange, Litvin heads into the dealership, where he walks amongst popular Porsche models in the showroom. What makes this video especially interesting is that the setting appears to be a real dealership, not just a set created for the stunt.

Eventually, the camera pans to the 2021 Taycan Turbo S’ price, which is 15,669,407 rubles, or about $211,661. For context, the electric sedan starts at around $185,000 in the U.S. Litvin eventually steps into the EV, which points out the camera pans out to the windows. If the strange details aren’t enough to create a viral hit, what happens next certainly will. Given how profitable these videos can be, the intentions are clear.

Foot to the floor and straight into the glass windows

An image of a 2021 Porsche Taycan Turbo S slamming through the windows of a dealership.
Porsche Taycan Turbo S | ЛИТВИН via YouTube

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As the camera pans to the windows, Litvin puts his foot down, and the 2021 Taycan Turbo S takes off. We know it was an aggressive launch because the front tires lost traction momentarily on the sleek dealership floors. For context, the Turbo S can reach 60 mph in as little as 2.4 seconds. As a result, the YouTuber picked enough speed to burst through the dealership’s windows.

The video cuts to a shot outside of the dealership where we can clearly see the 2021 Taycan Turbo S breaking through the windows. On first look, the damage doesn’t seem too severe. For starters, most of the damage appears to have been sustained on the passenger’s side. From the video, we can clearly see that the front bumper broke apart. Additionally, the front hood lost its shape in the collision and is now sticking out.

Strangely enough, the Taycan Turbo S’ airbags did not go off. As a result, the impact may not have been severe enough to trigger them. However, the Taycan could have suffered damage we cannot see in the video.

This isn’t the first time this YouTuber has done a massive stunt

As you might imagine, this broken 2021 Taycan Turbo S video isn’t Litvin’s first time filming one of these stunts. Back in October of last year, Litvin decided to destroy his Mercedes-AMG GT63 S following consistent issues with the car. Since viral hits are a great way to make some serious cash, Litvin decided to set the super sedan on fire out on a field.

As you might imagine, lighting up a six-fire Mercedes-AMG garnered an insane amount of views, over 21 million to be exact. As a result, this Taycan Turbo S video will likely pay for the damage to the dealership and the car while clearing a decent profit.