Hummer H1 Restorer Mil-Spec Now Modifies Ford F150s

Although the Ford F150 Raptor is an excellent off-road truck, for some, it’s not quite enough. That’s why companies like Shelby and dealers like Long McArthur Ford offer some alternative off-road F150 builds. Some of these builds, like Roush’s Tactical Edition and Tuscany’s Black Ops, lean heavily on military-inspired themes. But the latest off-road Ford F150 build from Mil-Spec is even more hard-core.

How Mil-Spec went from Hummer H1s to Ford F150s

Mil-Spec Hummer H1
Mil-Spec Hummer H1 | Mil-Spec

As Automobile Magazine explains, Michigan-based Mil-Spec initially started off modifying Hummer H1s. Although the H1 was significantly more off-road-capable and durable than the H2, it still had its flaws. To correct them, Mil-Spec almost literally rebuilt the Hummer H1 from the ground up.

The first step, Popular Mechanics reports, is stripping the H1 down to the bare metal. Originally, AM General stuck panels together using seam sealer. But to cut down on weight, and improve rigidity and strength, Mil-Spec removed the sealer and welded the panels instead. Some of the interior panels are replaced with new aluminum ones.

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A Mil-Spec Hummer H1 isn’t just several hundred pounds lighter than the original. Much of the suspension is new or modified, then powder-coated. The standard engine is replaced with a 500-hp diesel V8 that can run on biodiesel. The Hummer H1 also gets a new four-wheel-drive system with transfer case, portal axles, and ARB air lockers for the differentials.

The interior is also new, with marine-grade vinyl and fabric; the switches, USB ports, and audio system is all water-proof. As with the Jeep Wrangler, the Mil-Spec Hummer H1’s interior can literally be hosed down.

And now, Mil-Spec has turned its eyes on the Ford F150.

Mil-Spec Ford F150 specs and features

Mil-Spec Ford F150
Mil-Spec Ford F150 | Mil-Spec

Mil-Spec’s Ford F150 isn’t quite extensively modified as the Hummer H1. Nevertheless, this truck build, which can be built off the XLT or Lariat 4×4 SuperCrew, Autoblog and The Drive report, is nevertheless more than just an appearance package.

Unlike Roush, Mil-Spec didn’t supercharge the F150’s 5.0-liter V8. Instead, an ECU tune (which requires 91 octane), cold-air intake, and new throttle body pushes output from 395 hp to 500 hp, Motor1 reports. It is 50-state emissions-legal, though. That’s combined with a catback side-exit performance exhaust and the Ford F150’s standard 10-speed transmission and 4WD system with transfer case. The truck also gets new 20” alloy wheels and 37” Nitto Ridge Grappler off-road tires.

Mil-Spec Ford F150 side
Mil-Spec Ford F150 side | Mil-Spec

Underneath, the ‘standard’ Mil-Spec F150 gets extended-length front axle half shafts and powder-coated side steps. But the suspension can be further upgraded with the Baja Suspension Package. This adds more powder-coating, long-travel control arms, and even longer half shafts. In addition, the package adds Fox Performance 3.0 long-travel coil-over bypass remote-reservoir shocks. This gives the F150 11” of front wheel travel and 12” in the rear. The track is also widened, 7.2” over the F150 Raptor and 13.5” over the standard F150.

Mil-Spec Ford F150 interior
Mil-Spec Ford F150 interior | Mil-Spec

On top of that, Mil-Spec installs custom front and rear fenders, new steel front and rear bumpers, and a new front fascia. The headlights and taillights are LEDs, as are the marker lights. Inside, the truck gets a new steering wheel with shift paddles, new leather seats, and billet aluminum knobs.

Mil-Spec Ford F150 bed detail
Mil-Spec Ford F150 bed detail | Mil-Spec

Finally, there’s also an optional Baja Appearance Package. This adds a powder-coated roof rack with a 50” LED light bar, a front-bumper-mounted 39” LED light bar, and a bed-mounted spare tire carrier.


The base Mil-Spec Ford F150, including the donor truck, starts at $85,000. The suspension package is $6000, and the appearance package $8600. All told, you’re looking at a $100,000 truck.

Roush Ford F-150 Tactical Edition
Roush Ford F-150 Tactical Edition | Roush

That’s quite a bit more than the $73,500 Roush’s Tactical Edition F150, which makes 650 hp. However, Mil-Spec’s optional suspension upgrades go a bit farther than Roush’s. Still, Roush’s truck should suffice for most truck customers.

2019 Ford F-150 Black Ops Edition
2019 Ford F-150 Black Ops Edition | Brown Lee Ford

Compared to $88,525 Tuscany’s Black Ops F150, though, the Mil-Spec F150 is a better deal. Tuscany doesn’t upgrade the truck’s engine at all, and again, Mil-Spec’s Baja Suspension Package is more extensive.

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