You Can Get a Shelby-Style Ford F150 at a Huge Discount

Shelby’s tuned Ford F150 may be powerful, but that’s not going to be enough for it to stand out anymore. Roush also offers a high-power F150 in the form of the Nitemare. Hennessey’s tuned the F150’s GM rivals into literal Goliaths, and we now know the Ram Rebel TRX will come with the full 707-hp Hellcat engine. It also doesn’t help that the cheapest Shelby F150 costs close to $100,000. Luckily, Kansas-based dealer Long McArthur Ford, creator of several tuned Ford trucks, is here to help.

Long McArthur Ford’s Shelby-style Ford F150 LM650

2019 Ford F150 LM650 front
2019 Ford F150 LM650 front | Long McArthur Ford via Instagram

Long McArthur’s Shelby-style Ford F150 starts with a well-optioned 5.0-liter V8-equipped F150 Lariat SuperCrew. In addition to the truck’s standard features, Long McArthur’s LM650 trucks tack on the multiple optional packages and features. This includes the Sport Appearance and Technology packages, twin moonroof, powered running boards, navigation, adaptive cruise control, and tailgate step.

To make the LM650, Long McArthur installs a Roush-sourced supercharger and active exhaust. This bumps the V8 from 395 hp and 400 lb-ft to 650 hp and 610 lb-ft, exactly like Roush’s Nitemare, Ford Authority reports. But, unlike the Nitemare, Long McArthur’s Shelby-style Ford F150 can still go off-road. On top of the engine mods, the dealer also installs a Roush 2” suspension lift kit with Fox shocks, 20” bead-lock wheels, and 35” BFGoodrich T/A KO2 all-terrain tires.

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The LM650 also gets a new body kit. To feed the supercharger, there’s a high-flow hood scoop. To help with off-road visibility, there are LED lights in the new front bumper. There are also LED lights in the fender vents, as well as body-colored fender flares. Those flares still work with Ford’s active parking assist sensors, though. The LM650’s final mods include a body-colored tailgate cover, rear-wheel well liners, and tinted windows. Oh, and Shelby-esque dual stripes along the sides, hood, bumper, grille, bed cover, and tailgate.

The Shelby Ford F150s vs. the F150 LM650

Shelby actually makes two different versions of its Ford F150.

2020 Shelby Ford F150
2020 Shelby Ford F150 | Shelby

The first is the ‘basic’ Shelby F150, which comes in 395-hp 5.0-liter V8 or 770-hp 5.0-liter supercharged V8 trims. This is the more off-road-focused Shelby Ford F150. Like the LM650, it has 20” wheels and 35” BFGoodrich KO2 tires. Unlike the LM650, though, it gets dual-speed adjustable 2.5” Fox shocks and Shelby’s Borla performance exhaust. Shelby also adds its own stripes, badges, a new custom front bumper and grille, a dual-intake hood, and custom interior.

There’s also the Shelby Ford F150 Super Snake, which is more in-line with Roush’s Nitemare. The truck is actually lowered to improve handling, with new front coilovers, and adjustable upper control arms and rear sway bar. The Super Snake also gets 22” wheels, high-performance street tires, upgraded brakes, functional front fender vents, and a functional front air splitter.

Like the other Shelby F150, it also has a custom interior, Shelby graphics, and a functional ram-air hood. And, like the other truck, the Shelby F150 Super Snake can be ordered with the stock 395-hp V8 or the supercharged 770-hp V8.

On paper, then, Long McArthur’s LM650 F150 compares fairly well to the official Shelby Ford F150s. But the Kansas dealer’s truck is quite a bit cheaper.

Comparing prices and availability

The LM650 package costs $24,895. Adding that to the well-equipped F150 Lariat, that works out to a final cost of $83,090.

2020 Shelby Ford F150 side
2020 Shelby Ford F150 side | Shelby

Meanwhile, the non-Super Snake Shelby Ford F150 starts at $103,625. And that’s just for the 395-hp truck; the 770-hp version costs $110,625. The Super Snake is actually slightly cheaper, but it’s still more expensive than the LM650. It’s $86,085 for the 395-hp truck, and $93,385 for the 770-hp one.

At the moment, Long McArthur Ford doesn’t have any F150 LM650s in stock. However, Shelby is only making 500 F150s, and 250 Super Snakes. But Long McArthur can always source the parts for its own, cheaper Shelby-style F150.

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