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Car enthusiasts aren’t always the easiest people to shop for. That can be especially true if you hold off on holiday shopping until the very last minute. And, let’s face it, it’s not like you’re going to run out to the dealership to buy them that luxury car they’ve been longing after for the last few years. So, what should you gift them with instead? Fortunately for you, we’ve got a few helpful gift ideas to help you out this holiday season. 

Shopping for gifts at the mall
Holiday gift shopping | Bernd von Jutrczenka/picture alliance via Getty Images)

The sure to be appreciated Saucemoto

It’s an age-old dilemma. You’re in need of an on-the-go snack and have a hankering for none other than chicken nuggets. Of course, those delicious nugs can’t be had without the appropriate corresponding condiments (barbeque sauce, obviously.) But how do you dip when you’re stuck in the driver’s seat? By using the Saucemoto Dip Clip, of course. So why not help a car-loving friend practice #SafeSauce this holiday season? Saucemoto even offers a two-pack. One for them, and one for you.

Gift them the Drop Stop for 100% gap coverage (no, not that kind)

Maybe you’ve seen Drop Stop on Shark Tank. Designed to create a barricade between the driver’s seat and the center console, the Drop Stop provides 100% gap coverage against pesky crumbs and slippery phones. The company claims the Drop Stop can help drivers avoid accidents too. “Trying to retrieve items dropped in the gap can cause you to lose focus and possibly get into an accident, and nobody wants that to happen. Drop Stop not only helps prevents objects from falling, it could help save your life,” says the company.

A Roav VIVA Pro so they can bring Alexa along for the drive

If the car enthusiast in your life has been longing for an Alexa-enabled vehicle but isn’t quite ready to invest in a new car or SUV for themselves, consider gifting then the Roav VIVA Pro. Equipped with two integrated microphones that provide noise cancellation for accurate voice identification, the Roav VIVA Pro can be used in just about any vehicle. It boasts two convenient charging ports, too, making it a dual-purpose gift for the car enthusiast in your life.

Pretty much anything insulated and from YETI

Yeti is one of those brands that offers something for everyone. And for those looking to buy a gift for a car lover, its selection of products is pretty perfect. There’s the Roadie 24 Hard Cooler, which features a hefty amount of insulation to keep things hot or cold. Or, there’s YETI’s comprehensive selection of Ramblers. Choose between insulated tumblers, cans, and even a half-gallon jug.

A dash cam for capturing the road ahead

If you peruse Reddit on the regular, you know that dash cams are pretty popular. Dash cams can record every detail that takes when someone is behind the wheel, and can be used for a variety of helpful purposes. So why not gift the car lover in your life with one? Fortunately, there are plenty of dash cams to choose from nowadays.


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You can always surprise them with a gift card too

For some holiday shoppers, a gift card is an absolute last resort. But should they be? I think not. There are plenty of gift cards that the car enthusiast in your life will be sure to appreciate. Consider gift cards to their favorite fast food joint, a nearby gas station, or even a local auto parts store.