3 Unique Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Car Enthusiast Dads

It’s the first day of June, and Father’s Day is just around the bend. Father’s Day is a fun day for families to spend time together and give a little extra love to the dads in your life. But buying the perfect gift for that can be stressful!

You want to choose something that doesn’t feel too generic, and that shows your gratitude and appreciation for everything fathers do. If you know a dad who loves cars, you might consider a gift aligned with that passion. Here are 3 unique Father’s Day gift ideas for car enthusiast dads.

Father’s Day gifts for car lovers

A great place to start is car cleaning tools and supplies. This is a utilitarian gift that will last a while. And Dad will get to think about you every time he spends a sunny Sunday afternoon in the driveway taking care of his (other) pride and joy. This is a great gift idea because you can build your own kit or buy him fresh stock of his tried and true favorites. Or get a car cleaning kit that comes with everything you can think of from buckets to microfiber cleaning cloths.

You can tailor this gift to the Dad you are buying for as well as the budget you’re working with. But it isn’t necessarily the most unique gift. Adding something special to the cleaning supplies will make the gift more personal, and show the thought you put into your present.

unique gift #1: pickup truck pot

a pickup truck pot full of succulents
His Favorite F1 Pickup | Teleflora

It’s 2020, and dads can get flowers, too. Or succulents, if you prefer. This little Ford truck full of flora is arranged specially to your choosing by Teleflora. They are an online florist that does quick deliveries and offers a wide selection. This thoughtful gift can bring a little car enthusiast aesthetic to Dad’s desk.

Unique gift idea #2: muscle car lamp

Red 3Dimensional LED muscle car lamp
muscle car lamp | Lampeez

Ok, so we realize most moms will exile this from the nightstand or the living room end tables. But this muscle car lamp from Lampeez is fun and quirky and under $40. It’s a light-hearted gift that people of all ages can appreciate. It’s also kind of techy and would look awesome on a desk.

Even if it is doomed to the man cave, this auto-inspired home decor is a unique gift that a car enthusiast father will love. It’s significantly less expensive than other other options like getting a poster framed which can cost hundreds.

Unique gift idea #3: “I’m not old, I’m a classic”

a grey t-shirt bearing the text "I'm not old, I'm a classic"
T-shirt | Chummy Tees

The 2020 Ford Shelby GT500 Is More Powerful Than Some Supercars

Everybody loves T-shirts. This one from Chummy Tees probably falls in the gag gift category, because it’s really just for a laugh. For the aging car enthusiast dad with a sense of humor, this shirt is funny. Plus there are classics of all kinds. From old classic Jeeps to the classic Ford pickup or Mustang. If the father you’re buying for is a car lover, he probably has a favorite classic car.

Father’s Day

For dads who drive the Subarus, to dads that prefer a pickup truck, one thing is true. It’s not hard to find a father who is also a car enthusiast. Hopefully, these fun and unique gift ideas will help find the perfect gift. It also never hurts to offer to help Dad wash his car.