Safest Snacks To Enjoy While Driving

Whether you’re running late for work or on a multiple-day road trip, we’ve all been guilty of stopping for a snack along the way. Sometimes we have a few moments to stop and eat, but other times we just have to grab food and go, and that can mean trying to eat while you drive. While manual transmission drivers have been forced to balance the fine art of eating while driving and shifting gears, it’s not a talent most people poss, and there are some quick snacks that are much easier to eat while driving and help us stay more focused on your road trip for a safer drive.

The best snacks

There is an endless amount of snacks that we can pack or grab while we’re out on the road. Stopping at a gas station or pulling through a fast-food drive-through still gives us a ton of options, and while we may have cravings, that doesn’t mean you should be getting your hands dirty with Flaming Hot Cheetos while you drive.

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Whether you pack food before you head out or stop on the way, a snack wrap is the first best option, and you can pack it with just about anything you want. Snack wraps are easy to eat with one hand, and generally not messy.

Dehydrated meats and cheese like beef jerky are high-protein options that are quick, filling and can be eaten with one hand without creating a mess. Chips that don’t have a lot of messy seasonings or healthier snacks like veggie straws can sit comfortably in the center console for a snack that doesn’t require commitment.

If you’re stopping at a gas station, the snacks you should pick up are obvious, and just because it’s prepackaged doesn’t mean it’s all unhealthy.

Don’t forget to grab…

Having a safe snack while you’re driving isn’t just about the food you’re eating, but also making sure you grab everything you will need to go with it. Grabbing a small trash bag or reusing a shopping bag is a quick and inexpensive way to make sure you can gather all of the trash and food wrappers in one place. Leftover food, wrappers, and napkins can be distracting when they are left around the car.

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Napkins or paper towels are other important things to grab, or even keep handy in your glovebox. In case you drop a piece of your food or a bit of your wrap’s dressing drips, the last thing you want is to be looking around frantically for something to help you clean up. Bonus points for keeping moist towelettes or wet wipes to quickly clean off your hands when you’re done eating.

You could theoretically eat anything you want while you drive – including soup – if you really want to, but that doesn’t mean it’s the safest option. The goal is to get something that doesn’t require attention, and doesn’t require you to take both of your hands off of the steering wheel.