Halloween Car Horror: Wrecked Exotics

MotorBiscuit wants to celebrate Halloween 2020. And the most devilish way is to give you a Halloween Car Horror. What’s the most horrible sight to car enthusiasts? Why wrecked exotics, of course. So we’ve got a ton of them for you. These wrecked Ferraris, Lambos, and more will haunt you. The only thing good about these sports car crash victims is that they’re all for sale over at Copart. So, if you want to save one of these wrecks you’ve got a chance if you bid accordingly. Happy Halloween Biscuiteers!

Black 2006 Ford GT

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Let’s start with a doozie. This 2006 Ford GT looks to have been hit from all sides. Currently available in Portland, Oregon, you’ll need to pony up some serious money even though it is literally a wreck.

Anything can be fixed but this looks like a ton of work.

White 2017 Ferrari 488 Spider

This one isn’t nearly as bad as the Ford GT. A 2017 488 Spider in Las Vegas, it looks like an easier fix. Door misalignment says this will need to be pulled back into shape before you start replacing any panel.

Still, this looks like it will be a keeper for someone.

Silver 2019 Ferrari Portofino

Not all totals are accident victims. This 2019 Portofino was stripped and left for dead in Las Vegas. There must have been a specific need for Portofino parts because otherwise, we think it would be hard to peddle on the black market.

How many Ferrari Portofinos need sheet metal? Exactly. Nonetheless, when these thieves popped it they stripped it clean. 

Blue 2020 Corvette

There are more and more of these brand new 2020 Corvettes popping up. Are these the new Mustang for crashing? This beauty is in Mississippi, having been tapped for 360-degree damage. We don’t see a single body panel that won’t need to be replaced.

You would need a complete body before you could even begin fixing whatever else is munched. We would guess this won’t survive but instead will be a donor for a slightly less-mangled Corvette. 

Red 2020 Lamborghini Huracan EVO

The owner of this red Huracan located in Miami got a lovely 3,500 miles of Lambo love before being totaled. The damage looks to be confined to the front end but, again, we detect door misalignment. That means there is more going on than just changing out the front end. But the rear of the Huracan looks unscathed so whoever ends up with this will be concentrating on what’s up front. 

White 2020 Porsche 911 Carrera S

If you prefer your wrecks to have that new car smell this Carrera S convertible with 1,000 miles should do the trick. Located in Boston, you can see the rollover bars have popped up. But the damage must be more extensive than we can see.

All of the airbags have blown but the damage looks minimal. We suspect there is some serious mangle going on to the suspension and undercarriage to warrant a total.