An image of a crashed Ferrari Enzo on the side of the road.
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Ultra-Rare $3 Million Ferrari Enzo Gets Crashed, Split in Half, and Abandoned

Most Ferrari Enzo examples live sheltered lives in ultra-clean supercar collections worldwide. However, one unfortunate Ferrari got crashed, split in half, and subsequently abandoned by its owner back in 2006. According to MotorTrend’s Auto/Biography Show, this Enzo wreck stretched over a quarter of a mile. However, as other drivers stumbled upon the crashed hypercar in …

The front end of a vehicle after a car accident
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What You Should Do in a Car Accident

An accident is a very surreal experience. Your heart starts pumping fast, your nerves are elevated, and your mind wants to race at the same time that things seem to go into slow motion. But what is surprising to me is how many people handle car accidents poorly afterward.  Take care of the important stuff …

An image of a Koenigsegg Regera speeding down a runway.
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This Is the Best Way to Crash a Million-Dollar Hypercar

Hypercar manufacturers often produce cars in minimal numbers. As a result, they can’t send dozens of cars to be crash-tested. To get around this issue, Koenigsegg came up with an ingenious way to complete all of its certifications with essentially one car. More specifically, we’re looking at the crash testing for the Koenigsegg Regera, a …

An image of a crash test dummy used for vehicle testing.
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Here’s Why Crash Test Dummies Costs up to $500,000

Before a new vehicle can receive any crash certification, it must be crashed endlessly from almost every angle imaginable. The result of these tests then determines the safety rating awarded. However, crash test dummies are perhaps the most integral part of these experiments. That’s because these dummies are filled with sensors and can record data …

Trucks & SUVs

Does Driving an SUV Give You a False Sense of Security?

If you have ever driven an SUV, then you probably know the feeling of having all of that metal and plastic surrounding you as well as all of the heft that comes with that added material. You probably let out a sigh of relief, thinking that all is well in the world because if anything …

Two Car Traffic Accident
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This Car Will Ruin Lives

As long as people think for themselves, there will always be differences of opinions. One person may think a Dodge Challenger Hellcat is beautiful, while the person standing next to them may think that the same car is an oversized relic that makes them vomit a little bit. But, what can not be argued are …

2014 Ford Explorer XLT crash test

Car Crash Tests Are More Complicated Than You Think

On the surface, car crashes may seem pretty simple. You put a crash dummy in the seats and head toward a wall. We wish things were that simple, but in reality, car crash tests are much more complicated with the use of physics and biology to determine impacts and injuries.  How Car Crash Tests Work  …