General Motors Quits Trump For Biden

There’s an old saying that goes, “what’s good for the country is good for General Motors.” And as more states certify their presidential vote totals, GM is among those preparing for a new era of leadership. The American car giant initially backed Trump’s lawsuit against California’s fuel economy rules. But as the Biden transition begins, GM is switching sides. 

How is GM withdrawing its support for the Trump administration?

President Trump with GM CEO Mary Barra
US President Donald Trump shakes hands with General Motors CEO Mary Barra | SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

The Trump administration initiated a lawsuit against the state of California’s ability to set its own fuel economy and emissions regulations, as CNBC highlights. President Donald Trump wanted to ease the national emissions standards that were part of the Obama-era. GM was among the carmakers that supported this.  

Trump pointing finger down
US President Donald Trump greets General Motors CEO Mary Barra (R) alongside US Vice President Mike Pence (L) | SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images)

Given GM’s goals of being a zero-emissions company, aligning itself with the Trump administration’s fuel economy rollback didn’t make sense to many. GM wasn’t the only carmaker to side with Trump here, either. Fiat Chrysler did, along with Toyota. Now, GM is encouraging other car manufacturers to drop their support of the Trump litigation. 

“We believe the ambitious electrification goals of the President-elect, California, and General Motors are aligned to address climate change by drastically reducing automobile emissions,” GM CEO Mary Barra wrote in a letter.

General Motors

GM’s announcement shows a willingness to work with the incoming Biden administration and that the company is dissociating with Trump. Shortly after GM’s significant shift hit social media, the carmaker’s stock rose by up to 4.9%, a new high for the year. Previously, GM said it would invest $449M in its EV lineup. 

What are President-elect Biden’s plans for car emissions?

Factory ZERO under construction
GM’s Factory ZERO | Photo by Jeffrey Sauger for General Motors

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Many experts predict that Biden will abandon the lawsuit against California. Doing so would grant the state the ability to set its own emissions standards. California, along with other states, were initially allowed to do so under the Clean Air Act.

The White House declined to comment when asked about GM and the California lawsuit. Although, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency spokesman James Hewitt said that “it’s always interesting to see the changing positions of U.S. corporations.”

On the campaign trail, Biden said that fighting climate change would be a huge aspect of his presidency. Climate activists plan on holding him to this claim. Conversely, Trump said that climate change is a hoax. 

Does General Motors have an electric car?

2021 Chevy Bolt EV parked
2021 Chevy Bolt EV | Chevrolet

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GM isn’t a stranger to the eclectic car realm. Its Chevrolet Bolt EV hatchback remains a compelling choice, thanks to its long battery range and fun driving dynamics. The Chevy Bolt is one of the more affordable EVs you can buy new, with a starting price of $36,500. 

GMC Hummer EV
GMC Hummer EV | GM

Then there’s the all-electric GMC Hummer EV that’s coming down the pipe. The company designed the Hummer EV as an off-roading beast, and it will be the first to have GM’s new Ultium battery technology. We can also expect electrified SUVs under the Cadillac brand sooner than later.