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GMC has finally revealed its Hummer EV, and while there were many bigger surprises, there were also a few smaller ones. In fact, one of these small surprises is pretty similar to something that Jeep does for many of its vehicles. Here’s a look at the small feature on the Hummer EV that may or may not be copying something that the Jeep Wrangler has.

The Hummer EV has a lunar map sketched onboard

It’s no secret that automakers like to make EVs as futuristic and nerdy as possible. Of course, sometimes automakers will just make a plain old EV without many bells and whistles, but Tesla, for example, loves to include features and details that owners can geek out over. GMC has done something similar with the Hummer EV, and this time, it’s lunar. 

According to GM Authority, the Edition 1 trim of the Hummer EV has a lot of moon-inspired details. For example, the standard interior color scheme is called Lunar Horizon, and it uses white, black, gray, and bronze, according to GM Authority. Furthermore, the speakers on the Edition 1 trim also have a map of the moon on its grille. 

GM Authority said that this map is a map of the Sea of Tranquility, which is the area of the moon where Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin famously landed on. Just like how Armstrong took one small step for man and one giant leap for mankind, the Hummer EV seems to be positioning itself to be a giant leap for electric SUVs. 

Is this Easter egg copying Jeep?

There’s no doubt that this lunar map is an Easter egg, and Jeep is well-known for how many Easter eggs it puts into its cars. For example, the Jeep Grand Wagoneer was unveiled with a map of Detroit etched on its glass roof.

Other Jeeps have more subtle Easter eggs, and in fact, Jeep has put so many Easter eggs in its cars that Jeep fans are going on Easter egg hunts in order to try to find all the Easter eggs in their Jeeps.

The Wrangler has a few Easter eggs of its own, but Jeep and GMC aren’t the only automakers doing this. The recently revived Ford Bronco also has quite a few Easter eggs too, and while some fans may accuse Ford of copying Jeep, Easter eggs aren’t new.

Many designers like to put Easter eggs into their work as a fun way to leave a mark, so it’s not surprising that more automakers are doing the same thing as Jeep.

That said, there’s no guarantee that there will be more Easter eggs in the Hummer EV. But even if there were more Easter eggs, people probably won’t find them until the Hummer EV goes on sale in 2021.

Other features on the Hummer EV

Easter eggs are just supposed to be fun features and they’re generally not the reason why people buy cars. But of course, the GMC Hummer EV offers a lot of other reasons why it’s a good choice for customers.

For example, GM Authority wrote that the Edition 1 will be the first trim of the Hummer EV that’ll be available, and it has a lot of features since it’s more premium trim.

The Edition 1 of the Hummer EV comes with three electric motors, and they generate a total of 1,000-hp, and it’ll also have a 350-mile range. In addition to that, GM Authority said that this trim will also have a 12.3-inch Driver Information Display and a 13.4-inch touch screen.

That said, since the Edition 1 is a premium trim, it’s pretty expensive as its price tag is over $100,000. But of course, cheaper trims will be available in the future.


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