Forgotten GM Cars You Should Buy

When it comes to buying cars on the used car market we typically think of small sedans like the Nissan Sentra or even maybe classic cars like an older Cadillac. Either way, we are typically looking for a specific car, or a handful of cars as options and aren’t thinking about straying from those ideas. The world of used cars is incredibly vast and seemingly endless, and it’s hard to know what you should be searching for. Your mind might automatically drift to more modern cars, but General Motors has some pretty interesting older cars on the used car market that you should definitely consider – if you can find one.

Chevrolet Cosworth Vega

Many people have long forgotten about the Chevrolet Cosworth Vega – if they’ve ever heard of it in the first place. It was a performance car of the 1970s that wasn’t terribly reliable or good, but it definitely wins points for being cool. There were less than 4,000 of these cars ever made, and even less still on the road today, making them an awesome collector’s item.

1975 Chevrolet Vega Cosworth | National Motor Museum/Heritage Images via Getty Images

Saturn Sky

The Saturn Sky is a more modern sports car that isn’t as uncommon as the Cosworth Vega, but it is just as cool. These grouchy looking two-door convertibles were the sister car of the Pontiac Solstice, and both have done surprisingly well in holding somewhat of a value. They aren’t old enough to be classic cars and they aren’t rare enough to be collector cars, but they do offer a fun driving experience for a lower price than a brand new mid-engine Corvette.

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Pontiac Bonneville SSEi

There is almost no chance that buying a Pontiac Bonneville SSEi crossed your mind, but if you like speed, maybe it should have. Built-in the 1990s this car was surprisingly stylish and even more interestingly, supercharged. Even better is that you can find them on the used car market for a pretty small price.

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The GM EV1 looks like a Hot Wheels car came to life and made its way into full-scale production. It is one of the most unique cars on this list because – if you couldn’t guess from the name – it is an all-electric vehicle.

New EV1 electric passenger car HAL GARB/AFP via Getty Images

Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

This might be one of the newer cars on the list, but it is also one of the most underrated. Although the Monte Carlo SS seems to have a fan base all to its own, it is mostly forgotten when searching for a used car. It’s stylish coupe body and power made it highly desirable at the time, and it remains one of the coolest Chevrolet cars of its time.

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Whether you are looking to buy a used car or just interested in browsing the market, these cars are worth your time, and even if they might need some attention and TLC due to their age, you can rest assured you’re getting a pretty cool GM car and a piece of history.