Full-Size vs Midsize Pickup Truck Size Comparison

Seeing the specifications for these full size and midsize trucks side-by-side gives you a better comparison of each manufacturer’s pickup trucks. To help you with your truck choices we stayed strictly with exterior and interior dimensions. We also threw in curb weight and towing capacity to round out the list. Engine choices, bed/body options, and things like colors and features are easy to find elsewhere so we left those out. So in the full-size vs midsize pickup truck debate, which one wins for you?


Toyota Tundra
Toyota Tundra | SAUL LOEB/AFP/Getty Images
Toyota Tacoma
Toyota Tacoma | Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

Toyota is one of the two Japanese manufacturers that offers both a full-size and midsize pickup. Both of these models are expected to receive all-new models in the next two years. In the meantime, both pickups remain strong sellers. The Tundra’s downside is a lack of heavy-duty versions. 

Tundra, Tacoma

Height: 75.8, 70.6

Width: 79.9, 7 5.2

Length: 228.9, 212.3

WB: 145.7, 127.4

Bed: 66.7, 60.5

Head Rm: 39.7, 39.0

Hip: 62.2, 57.2

Leg Rm: 42.5, 42.9

Ground Clearance: 9.4, N/A

Curb Weight: 5340 lbs., 4445 lbs.

Max Towing: 10100 lbs., 6400 lbs.

Ford F-150/Ranger

2020 Ford F-150 | Ford
2020 Ford F-150 | Ford
Ford Ranger
DETROIT, MI -JANUARY 14: The 2019 Ford Ranger midsize truck makes its debut at the 2018 North American International Auto Show January 14, 2018 in Detroit, Michigan. | Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

With the F-150 being the best-selling vehicle in the US one would have thought a smaller version would also be available. That wasn’t so until Ford brought back the midsize Ranger last year. As it is a refresh of an older overseas platform the Ranger lags slightly behind in certain characteristics and features. Ford will debut a completely new F-150 in 2021 with a new Ranger coming not long after.

F-150, Ranger

Height: 76.9, 71.1

Width: 79.9, 77.9

Length: 231.9, 210.8

WB: 145.0, 126.8

Bed: 60.5, 66.7

Head Rm: 40.3, 39.8

Hip: 62.5, 55.8

Leg Rm: 43.9, 43.1

Ground Clearance: N/A, N/A

Curb Weight: 4922 lbs., 4,441 lbs.

Max Towing: 7000 lbs., 7,500 lbs.

Chevy Silverado/Colorado

2020 Chevrolet Silverado Diesel
2020 Chevrolet Silverado Diesel | Chevrolet
2018 Chevrolet Colorado Diesel

The Chevy Silverado was all-new in 2019 and has been criticized for its bold styling and less-dynamic interiors. We expect a refresh for 2021 to address some of these issues, but as for features and quality, it is on a par with the other full size and midsize trucks overall. The GMC Sierra and Canyon are the equivalents of Chevy’s Silverado and Colorado, with slightly better interiors. 

Silverado, Colorado

Height: 75.5, 70.7

Width: 81.2, 74.3

Length: 231.7, 225.0

WB: 147.4, 145.7

Bed: 60.5, 61.4

Head Rm: 43, 41.4

Hip: 61.2, 62.2

Leg Rm: 44.5, 45.0

Ground Clearance: 7.9, N/A

Curb Weight: 4520 lbs., 4109 lbs.

Max Towing: 7700 lbs., 7700 lbs.

Nissan Titan/Frontier

2019 Nissan TITAN Pro4X
2019 Nissan TITAN Pro4X | Nissan
2019 Nissan Frontier
2019 Nissan Frontier | Nissan

Nissan lags behind in both its full size and midsize offerings. The Titan is sort-of a three-quarter-ton truck but offers fewer versions than its competition. Both the Frontier and Titan are old platforms that Nissan is working to bring all-new versions of in the next couple of years. Only one engine is available in the Titan and one body; the four-door, limiting versatility and economy. 

Titan, Frontier

Ht: 74.5, 70.1

Width: 79.5, 72.8

Length: 228.1, 205.5

WB: 139.8, 125.9

Bed: 98.5, 73.2

Head Rm: 41.0, 39.9

Hip: 60.8, 55.6

Leg Rm: 41.8, 42.4

Ground Clearance: 9.6, 9.8

Curb Weight: 5247 lbs., 4581 lbs.

Max Towing: 9660 lbs., 6500 lbs.