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Regardless of the grade of fuel your car uses, everyone wants to find cheap gas prices. Of course, this can be difficult as the price of fuel fluctuates on a fairly rapid basis. It’s because of this that free gas tracker apps come in handy. After all, no one wants to run out of gas in traffic and have their day ruined or even worse.

Here are the best free gas tracker apps.

GasBuddy can help you find cheap gas prices

People looking for cheap gas prices should consider the GasBuddy app. GasBuddy is one of the best free gas tracker apps on the market. The app has been around since 2000 and has helped change how drivers shop for gas. Of course, it has evolved a great deal over the years and is now super user-friendly.

Gas Tracker apps can help find cheap gas prices
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This gas tracker app has several attractive features that help make it a well rounded experience for drivers. Of course, the most common use is to find cheap gas prices. However, there is also an optional gas card that grants discounts on fuel prices. Additionally, the GasBuddy app can send notifications about your car regarding recalls or other valuable information.

This gas tracker app is also handy because you can log your fill-ups and even export them if needed. This feature is great for people who may be reimbursed for buying gas. Overall, it’s easy to see why so many people rely on Gas Buddy to find cheap gas prices.

Waze is also a solid gas tracker app

People looking for cheap gas prices have several gas tracker apps at their disposal. Besides GasBuddy, Waze is one of the best. The app came out in 2009 and was initially for navigation. However, it gained gas-tracking features in 2012 and has remained a popular app. People like it because this single application covers many different areas of driving.

As mentioned, the gas tracker part of the app is only one thing that it does. However, it’s one of the best on the market in this regard. Still, people also love Waze because it’s a solid option for navigation because it provides more up-to-date traffic information than other apps.

The app also allows drivers to customize the voice that dictates the driving directions. In fact, they can select celebrity voices such as Kevin Hart and Jay Leno. Overall, Waze is one of the most popular gas tracker options and has quite a bit to offer.

Just as with everything else, there are several apps out there that can help drivers find cheap gas prices. However, they’re not all as well rounded and long-running as GasBuddy and Waze.