Freak Show Friday: Charger/Dakota Mashup Gone Really Bad

Car enthusiasts are always curious. What would a station wagon Mustang be like? How cool would a twin-engine 3-Series Beemer be? Wonder what combining a Dodge Dakota with a Charger front and rear end might look like? Yes, the mind wanders and wonders. It’s the next step that can be dangerous, though. Trying to execute your brain fart takes a giant leap of not good unless you have the ability to manage a few tasks. This week’s Freak Show Friday Dodge Charger Dakota mashup shows the downsides to bringing to life what should remain an “interesting idea.” Otherwise, you can end up with a project gone really bad

There’s no way to describe this pickup other than gone really bad

And there’s no way to describe this pickup other than really bad. Although, we give the owner big props for giving it the old college try. However, we’d give him even bigger props if he would have it towed to the nearest wrecking yard. 

This thing is stitched together worse than Frankenstein. From a dead-rear view, it looks like it might come together. But walking a few steps around to see the Charger rear hung from the Dakota bed is frightening. What looks like such harmony becomes WTF in an instant. At least the Charger bumper cover and Dakota bed are matching colors.


Mercifully, the body has been left alone

That can’t be said for the bed and body which is typical of many a Freak Show. Mercifully, the body has been left alone. But what’s up front is another matter. And in some ways, it is freakier than the rear.

That same donor Charger gave up its front doghouse for this cause if you could call this a cause. And again, from a dead-front view, it works. It looks like the Dakota was meant for a Charger front end. 

But viewing it in perspective you get the enormity of the mess combining the two creates. Because in reality, they don’t combine. Or rather, don’t line up at the doors. And there is almost no effort given to hide the fact the two disparate pieces don’t fit. It’s the proverbial “square peg in a round hole” result. But this is more like a train wreck as we can’t take our eyes off of it.

Car guys and gals can’t help expressing their attempts at automotive artistry

The idea, execution, and overall mind-bending sonic assault could suck the wind right out of the viewer. Should something like this arrest the car curious from future attempts? Yes. Will it? Hell no, otherwise we wouldn’t have so many Freak Show Friday examples waiting in the wings. Car guys and gals just can’t help expressing their inner attempts at automotive artistry. 

With some work, this could actually be pulled off. Or, the Charger pieces could be pulled off of the Dakota, and the stock Dakota parts be reapplied. One or the other would be great. But leaving this in this stage of limbo makes everyone that sees it uncomfortable.

Maybe it’s the Prerunner stance? Or, maybe it is the gold scoop and side-view mirrors that fling the icing on the lasagna? But whatever combination of wrongs you see you can’t unsee this mish-mosh of badness.