Freak Show Friday: Outrageous Mashup of Sportsroof and F-150

There are some truly exceptional Freak Shows running amongst us. They satisfy a whim, a need, or a way to clean up the back forty from those wrecks littering the property. Whatever the reason we are blessed with the ability to share these treasures with our Motor Biscuit brethren. This week’s unbelievable Freak Show Friday find comes from Facebook friend John Cline. Many of my Facebook friends bombard me with these treasures in the hope they can out-freak my finds. This one did. It’s an outrageous mashup of a Galaxie Sportsroof and F-150 pickup truck bed.

This is a desirable mashup of a 1967 Ford Sportsroof and F-150 pickup bed

So what are we looking at? Well, like last week’s homogeneous Volkswagen mashup, this is one of those truly rare and desirable homogeneous transmogrifications of a 1967 Ford LTD Sportroof and 1970s Ford F-150 pickup bed. But, really it’s much more than that. 

Freak Show Friday 1967 Sportsroof and F-150
Freak Show Friday 1967 Sportsroof and F-150

Just look at how the side trim of both Fords ties together so perfectly. Utter perfection I say! The fact that there is almost a dangerous amount of rear overhang is immaterial. Actually, it should be of utmost concern. Can you imagine dumping a load of dirt or heavy equipment into this beast? There is some doubt the front tires would even make contact with the asphalt. 

There’s good and bad with this freak show

FYI when you load a pickup you want the majority of the load over the rear axle. That can’t happen in this case, so you’re playing with fire any time you put a load into this “pickup.” But, let’s not distract from the negative aspects of this questionable mish-mosh. Let’s bring some “positive waves.”

This Ford-on-Ford scores major points for the black faux vinyl top, chrome skirts, and paint. Most mashups don’t take the extra effort to keep all of the sheetmetal one color. This is a first-class effort. Faux vinyl tops, chrome, and decent paint are not normally the domain of Freak Show Friday. This is like being served filet mignon when you only ordered a cheeseburger!  

Chrome bed rails. Oh My!

Freak Show Friday 1967 Sportsroof and F-150
Freak Show Friday 1967 Sportsroof and F-150

Beyond all of these quite-fantastic premium options are the chrome bed rails. Oh my! And chrome bumpers! We’re losing our minds with the premium bling this freak is sporting. 

From a design aspect tying the beltline flourish at the rear with the top of the bed is so sexy and incredible it came together that way. It was meant to be. Well, maybe not, but it helps to pull the two disparate pieces together in a most harmonious way. Some things are just meant to be. 

We know what we’d do if this was ours…

1967 Ford Sportsroof advertising | Ford
1967 Ford Sportsroof advertising | Ford

If this were ours, with consideration for the enormous overhang and concerns for putting much in the bed, we know how we’d use this sled. We would have it be an exclusive Santa Claus parade float. It’s green, so we’d add some red ribbons and bows, and a bunch of packages in the bed. They wouldn’t weigh much so we’re safe from breaking this sucker in half. 

String some lights around it, dress up as Santa, and hit some local holiday parades. We guarantee this would be the hit of the Christmas Lane Parade. And besides bringing joy to the little ones, it helps spread the word that freaks are a thing. Seriously!