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An image of a red 2021 Ram 700

The Ram 700 Disappoints Ram Dakota Fans

What do people want? The new Ram Dakota! What are people getting? The Ram 1500. However, some people in other countries are getting a new compact truck known as the Ram 700 instead. The 700 might mean that the Dakota isn’t happening.  Will the Ram Dakota make a return?  Rumors suggested that Ram was building …
The 2021 Ram 700

Did the 2021 Ram 700 Copy the Honda Ridgeline?

The Ram 700 snuck out under the radar. We almost missed the release, but upon laying eyes on this tiny but mighty Ram pickup truck, we think it looks like a Honda Ridgeline. So, we have to ask. Did the Ram 700 take any styling cues from the Honda Ridgeline?  The 2021 Ram 700 is …