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The 2008 Dodge Dakota pickup truck with a red paint color option at the 2007 Chicago Auto Show
2008 Dodge Dakota | Scott Olson/Getty Images

The Dodge Dakota (sold as the Ram Dakota for its last two years) was a midsize pickup truck model produced and sold by the Dodge Truck and then later Ram Trucks division of Stellantis (formerly Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA)).

The first Dodge Dakota model built by Chrysler was constructed with various components from existing models in the company’s lineup. This meant the debut of the 1987 Dodge Dakota kept costs low but sacrificed many features, such as a lack of power steering.

Over the years, the Dodge Dakota grew in size and power and added many additional features, with much of its design based on larger trucks from the Ram division in addition to the Dodge Durango SUV.

Discontinued in 2011, there are now talks to revive the Dakota nameplate to compete against the Chevy Montana and Ford Maverick. Meanwhile, competitors of the Dodge/Ram Dakota at the time included the Chevy Avalanche, the Chevy Colorado, the GMC Canyon, and the Nissan Frontier.

About Dodge and Ram

  • 2011 Dodge Dakota/Ram Dakota (Starting MSRP $23,210)
  • Pros: The Dodge/Ram Dakota midsize pickup truck offers an easy entry price and a powerful V8 engine option.
  • Cons: The standard V6 engine of the Dakota is sluggish, its handling is poor, and its interior is full of cheap and/or ugly materials.
  • See Also: Ram 1500 and Durango

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