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If you told someone a few years ago that a small truck would be one of the hottest vehicles in the United States, they probably would think you’re nuts. But that is exactly what Ford has down with its Maverick pickup truck. It might ride on the same platform as the Ford Escape, but it has legitimate capability. The question does stand, can you actually off-road a Ford Maverick Tremor?

What is the Ford Maverick Tremor package?

The Tremor package is an option on the 2023 Ford Maverick that adds some legit off-road goodies. As a small truck, you might think that the Maverick wouldn’t be good on the trail, but the Tremor package might prove you wrong. It comes with a one-inch lift, an improved all-wheel drive system, and skid plates. 

Unfortunately, the Tremor package is not available to all 2023 Ford Mavericks. If you want the package, you must opt for the XLT or Lariat trim and equip your small truck with the EcoBoost engine. 

Considering the purpose of this off-road package, that does make sense. The Maverick Tremor even comes with a torque-vectoring rear differential and all-terrain tires. This should help you on the trail if you want to do some adventuring. 

Finding a 2023 Maverick Tremor won’t be easy

If you want to buy a 2023 Ford Maverick Tremor, you might be out of luck. When Ford opened orders for the 2023 Maverick, it seemed like the Blue Oval had to close them immediately. Simply put, Ford’s small truck is extremely popular. 

A white 2023 Ford Maverick Tremor in the desert.
2023 Ford Maverick | Ford Media Center

If you can find one at a dealership, it will probably have a markup. And that is because folks are willing to pay over sticker price for this compact pickup. Even people that have been able to place an order can feel in the dark about the status of their Ford Maverick. Understandably, that can be pretty frustrating. Especially if you are waiting on a 2022 model. 

Is the Maverick an off-road truck?

According to Car and Driver, with the Maverick Tremor, you should be able to handle basic off-roading. This small truck will not be as capable as something like a Jeep Wrangler, but that’s not really the point. The Maverick is meant to be practical enough for daily use while still giving the utility of a pickup truck bed. 

At the same time, through the Tremor and FX4 Off-Road packages, you can get some added capability for the road less traveled. The Tremor package will cost you an extra $2,995. For the price, that seems to be fairly reasonable. 

A 2023 Ford Maverick Tremor shows off its capability as a small, off-road truck.
2023 Ford Maverick Tremor | Ford
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Shake Things up With the Ford Maverick Tremor

If you want your small truck to stand out, even more, you can opt for a Tremor-specific appearance package. But, that will come at an additional cost. It won’t make your truck any more capable, so it might not be worth it for most folks. 

Overall, the 2023 Ford Maverick Tremor does seem like a winner. After all, why should off-road adventuring be reserved for oversized trucks? It’s good to see the Blue Oval giving consumers more options for doing that.