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If there’s one brand that understands the importance of a capable pickup truck, it’s Ford. And now, the blue oval is proving that once again with the Ford Maverick Tremor. The Tremor package has been available to the Ranger, F-150, and Super Duty for some time, but now it has come to Ford’s small truck. And that is something to be excited about. So, what exactly is the Tremor package and what does it mean for the 2023 Ford Maverick?

What is the Tremor package?

The Tremor package is an available option on Ford trucks that adds serious off-road capability. From an upgraded suspension to all-terrain tires, it is offered to those who want a pickup that can do more. And if you are shopping for a small, off-road truck, this package is one you will want to consider opting for on the 2023 Ford Maverick.

The 2023 Ford Maverick Tremor shows off its capability.
Ford Maverick Tremor | Ford

Whether or not Ford would give the Maverick the Tremor package has been rumored, but now it’s confirmed. And it is likely to be a hit among those who are shopping for a compact pickup. 

Is there a Ford Maverick Tremor?

For 2023, Ford is introducing a Maverick Tremor. If you want this pickup with the Tremor package, you will need to opt for the Maverick XLT or Maverick Lariat. You will also need to equip with your truck with the 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine. This powerplant makes 250 horsepower and 277 lb-ft of torque. It is also available with all-wheel drive. 

Unfortunately, you cannot get the Tremor package with the hybrid engine. And that might be disappointing to some. But, it makes sense that an off-road-focused package would come with AWD.

What does the 2023 Maverick Tremor package add?

In terms of what the Tremor package adds to the Maverick, there is quite a bit. Firstly, there are a number of visual changing. Including the addition of orange accents on things like the tow hooks and interior seating. The Ford logo has been blacked out, and overall, this small truck just looks more aggressive. 

A group of Ford trucks is on display, including a 2023 Ford Maverick Tremor.
Ford Maverick | Ford

Of course, the Tremor package is not all looks. Ford has stated that 2023 Maverick models will get beefier suspension and a 1-inch lift. According to MotorTrend, there are also skid plates and a heavy-duty transmission cooler. This should help the Ford Maverick handle rougher terrain. 

How expensive is the Tremor package?

If you want a 2023 Ford Maverick Tremor, expect to add $2,995 to the sticker price. Plus, you will have the additional cost of the turbocharged engine and AWD. For the optional Tremor Appearance Package, you will pay $1,495. 

As a small truck, the 2023 Ford Maverick now gets the Tremor package.
2023 Ford Maverick Tremor | Ford

Orders for the 2023 Ford Maverick are expected to open later this fall. And if you are interested in Ford’s small truck, you should plan to act quickly. The 2022 Maverick sold out fairly quickly, which means some buyers still have yet to get the pickup that they ordered. Hopefully, for the 2023 model, Ford has a better plan for production to avoid having to pause orders again.


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