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In 2023, full-size trucks are extremely popular. They offer utility, practicality, and a sense of adventure that other segments can lack. But getting a new pickup truck can be a pretty expensive undertaking. And that is where looking at used trucks comes in. If that’s a situation you find yourself in, the Ford F-150 might be one of the better options out there. 

What year F-150 is most reliable?

In terms of reliability, ratings of the Ford F-150 vary, but the 2014 model seems to be a safe bet. Now, I’m not calling it the best F-Series truck out there, but in terms of being budget-friendly, it does pretty well. And that is because you can find a 2014 Ford F-150 for under $15k. 

A group of 2014 Ford F-150 half-ton trucks are parked.
Ford F-150 | Scott Olson via Getty Images

The 2014 F-150 is coming up on 10 years old, so that does mean there are some compromises to be made. Mainly, you won’t find the active safety tech and large infotainment screens that you get in new full-size trucks. 

At the same time, the wide variety of trim levels and configurations means a Ford truck from this era will likely work for you. Just keep in mind if you want a used truck for less than $15,000, you will be limited in what you can get. But by opting for a model with higher mileage, you might be able to expand your range. 

Is the 2014 Ford F-150 a good truck?

At the time, the 2014 F-150 did get reviews as a good truck. But nearly 10 years later, there are certainly factors you will want to consider. Overall, the most common problem issues are known about. These include things like cracking exhaust manifolds, leaky oil pan, and issues with climate control.

Because these are known issues, they are something that you can keep your eye on. And according to RepairPal, these are just a few issues out of a longer list. 

The other things to consider are mileage and ownership. Generally speaking, a pickup truck with higher mileage and multiple owners could be questionable in terms of reliability. Even the most reliable vehicle, with poor ownership, can become an extremely heavy paperweight. 

So when you’re looking at a used truck, you should do things like check service records and vehicle history. Also, check for things like recalls. It looks like the 2014 Ford F-150 has a handful of recalls out there. If those have been taken care of, that can be an indication that the previous owner cared about their half-ton pickup. 

An F-150 can be a used truck for less than $15,000

Even in today’s crazy used car market, it is possible to find a truck for under $15k. Sure, the 2014 F-150 is basically 10 years old, but it’s still a good mix of modern features and reliability. 

A 2014 Ford F-150 can be a used truck for less than $15,000.
2014 Ford F-150 | Scott Olson via Getty Images

At the end of the day, there are cheaper F-Series trucks you can get and more expensive ones. But this vehicle is often one of the best-selling pickups in the country. The Blue Oval invests quite a bit in its half-ton truck, and there have been more reliable years out there than there have been lemons.

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