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You probably won’t believe it. This Tesla Cybertruck, built by a father and son team in only 100 days, belongs to none other than Elon Musk. There is even a wooden Cyberquad that rides in the wooden Cybertruck bed. It is an extremely accurate depiction of the upcoming Cybertruck. And it is a fully functional EV, right down to the telescoping tailgate that becomes a ramp.

Who built the wooden Cybertruck?

Wooden Cybertruck driving on highway
Wooden Cybertruck | ND Woodworking via YouTube

Built by ND Woodworking Art, it is finishing up testing before handing it over to the Tesla CEO. Starting with an aluminum framework, the Cybertruck build progresses piece by piece, as seen in the accompanying video. With the real Cybertruck’s flat-panel design, it lends itself to creating a plywood replica.

Wooden Cybertruck rear 3/4 view
Wooden Cybertruck | ND Woodworking via YouTube

Once the frame comes together, the suspension, EV electric motor, and battery pack are the next steps. Then, once on wheels, all the door jambs, wooden trim, and body panels come next. Contrasting the lighter plywood paneling, some of the wood-like interior panels and trim, is darker wood. Or is it just some pine with a darker stain?   

Once the insides are fairly complete, including four wooden bucket seat frames, the unique Cybertruck wheels made of wood are next. These require a certain amount of carving, as well as lots of detail work. An elaborate and unique steering wheel, as well as wiring with LED lighting, is next. 

The bedsides and floor are the next steps. Once the wheels are on and the windshield and panoramic roof arrive, the DIY build is almost complete. The video ends with the father driving the wood Cybertruck next to his son in the wooden Cyberquad. 

Why is Elon Musk getting the wooden Cybertruck?

Wooden Cybertruck with telescopic tailgate open
Wooden Cybertruck | ND Woodworking via YouTube

Tesla Launches Cybersquad With Cyberquad For Kids

Once ND Woodworking Art finishes the wooden truck, the father intends to gift it to Musk. “I hope to have the honor of gifting this wooden Cybertruck to you and Tesla and wish you and Tesla continued success to maintain your position in the international arena,” he wrote to Musk. In all, it is an impressive feat, both the building of the wooden truck itself and the fact that it only took 100 days. And a generous gesture from a Musk superfan.

As for the real Cybertruck, the latest delivery date will be the end of this month if we can rely on Musk’s latest missive. But at least he can say that despite promising different dates for over four years, at least one Cybertruck is actually heading to its new owner, the wooden Cybertruck we are showing here, with the owner being himself.