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On the heels of the Tesla Cyberwhistle sellout within two hours comes the launch of the Cybersquad brand. Its first product is this Cyberquad for kids. For only $1,900, you and your kids can have what will undoubtedly be the hottest kids all-wheel drive, electric ATV.

No, this is not the Cyberquad Tesla founder Elon Musk unveiled back in November 2019 at the introduction of the Cybertruck. This one is for kids only. Plus, it’s too small for adults; it is a shrunken version of the lifesize Cyberquad.

An adjustable suspension, steel frame, and more for the Cyberquad

Cyberquad for kids
Cyberquad for kids | Tesla

The Cyberquad for kids features a steel frame, rear disc brake, and an adjustable suspension. There are also cushioned seats to keep the kids comfy and happy. The front tires are 16-inch, with two 15-inch tires in the back. Speed is controlled by a thumb throttle control. 

With a top speed of 10 mph and a range of 15 miles, it is an electric kid’s dream. The power comes from a 36-volt lithium-ion battery, just like every Tesla made. Charge times are an hour for every three miles range. It features a quick-release to allow for repowering in a special-made charger. 

The 122 lb Cyberquad can handle kids weighing up to 150 lbs. Construction is being handled by the famed Radio Flyer toy company. While the Cybertruck isn’t available yet, at least the kids can have something inspired by it. The Cybertruck was originally scheduled to be in production now. At an October shareholders meeting, Musk said production will begin sometime in 2022. 

Inspiration for the Cyberquad is the Cybertruck

Cyberquad for kids
Cyberquad for kids | Tesla

Estimates now are that over 1.3 million reservations have been taken for the Cybertruck. That represents over $80 billion in value if it is correct. In the week following the unveiling Musk announced Tesla had over 250,000 reservations for it. 

In past unveilings, Tesla would see a flood of reservations immediately following an announcement. But the Cybertruck has been different. Tesla sees a steady pace of reservations coming into the company weekly. Even in the depths of the COVID pandemic, hundreds of reservations per week continued. Reservations require a $100 deposit. 

As for the kids’ Cyberquad, pre-orders are being taken now. Some sources say it is already sold out. Tesla notes that it is intended for kids eight years old and older. Deliveries will be in the next two to four weeks, hopefully before Christmas day. Parents need to be a bit handy as the Cyberquad comes with some assembly required. 


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