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Although Rivian won the race to launch the first electric pickup truck, many automakers are still hustling to get an offering out for the segment ASAP. Last year, the electric car startup, Alpha, showed a series of incredibly rad electric cars and trucks. The company promised a prototype for the Alpha Wolf – the company’s first electric truck – would be ready before the end of 2023. Well, Alpha has delivered on its promise. Enjoy this video of the first test drive of the Alpha Wolf prototype. If this ain’t the coolest pickup truck on the market, I don’t know what is. 

What is the coolest electric truck? 

Don’t get me wrong; the Rivian R1T is very cool. The Hummer EV, Ford Lightning, and new Chevy Silverado EV are cool. However, they all pale in comparison to the Alpha Wolf. Frankly, we have been careful to write much about the Wolf because of the fears of the small startup having the means to make the little truck. The fact is that Alpha really did it. While the beginning of the video is nearly unwatchably cheesy, once the truck shows up, it’s all shots of the Alpha Wolf kicking ass in the desert, and it’s amazing. 

Is the Alpha Wolf going to be built?

Alpha Wolf grille
Alpha Wolf | Alpha Motors

Before now, all we’ve seen from Alpha are some extreme renders of an extremely attractive little electric truck and rally-inspired electric cars. Thanks to help from the Michigan prototyping outfit UHI Group, a Wolf prototype actually got built. According to Autoblog, UHI also worked on the Canoo, so you know it knows something about building extremely cool EVs. 

We know now that a truck exists. However, besides some very general specifications shown in the video (horsepower, towing capacity, top speed, etc.), Alpha is still keeping more detailed info on the truck close to the vest. 

What do we know about the Alpha Wolf? 

While we don’t know much, there are a few specific specs we are privy to. We have seen some horsepower specs and the like in previous statements, but some of the specs have changed, as well as new ones added.

The Alpha Wolf is said to have battery packs with an estimated 65 to 85 kWh able to cover at least 275 miles of range. The EV startup also promises dual-motor all-wheel drive, single-motor power of 284 horsepower (212 kW), a top speed of 125 mph, and DC fast charging, taking the truck from flat to full in an hour.

A blue side view of the Alpha Wolf ev pickup truck.
Alpha Wolf prototype | Alpha Motors

Besides the painfully beautiful design, the best part of this video spec sheet is that Alpha didn’t make a weenie unibody truck wannabe. No, the Alpha Wolf is a proper body-on-frame pickup truck with independent suspension up front and heavy leaf springs holding up the rear. Lastly, the keenest of observers might have noticed that between the badass running shots and the chassis diagram, the Alpha Wolf prototype seems to have a solid rear axle. 

The only thing we find slightly troubling about this footage is that the truck appears to be a rear-wheel drive version. At least we can’t spot a driveshaft connecting the front to the rear. 

Can you reserve an Alpha Wolf? 

Reservations are open. 11,000 brilliant truck lovers with great taste have reportedly lined up for theirs. Alpha is still currently taking reservations. According to Alpha’s reservation site, the coolest electric truck will cost between $36,000 and $46,000, depending on which configuration you go with. 

We are probably a good ways out from seeing Wolves stalking our roads, but we are crossing our fingers, toes, arms, legs, and anything else we can do to hope that Alpha can pull this little truck off. Here’s to hoping.